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RE: [hreg] HREG Meeting 7/30/00 - Preliminary Agenda

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  • Singh, Baldeo
    Jonathan: Missed you at our last Sierra Club meeting. I would like to introduce to you Jennifer Chuong (e-mail address flutia@aol.com) who attended our last
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 12, 2000
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      Missed you at our last Sierra Club meeting.

      I would like to introduce to you Jennifer Chuong (e-mail address
      flutia@...) who attended our last meeting. She is a student at Bellaire
      High school. She is interested in energy efficient housing / solar energy /
      wind energy, and would benefit from inclusion in HREG group. Please help



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      > Subject: [hreg] HREG Meeting 7/30/00 - Preliminary Agenda
      > HREG,
      > I have been out of town for two weeks, so this announcement may be a
      > little
      > late. I wish to propose the agenda for the Sunday July 30 meeting at 2pm
      > at
      > TSU (the usual time and place). I do not foresee having a special guest,
      > for
      > we have a busy time these coming weeks preparing for the Renewable Energy
      > Roundup and Sustainability Fair in September.
      > I did think about renewable energy and such things while in Ohio last
      > week.
      > Oberlin College is now occupying its latest addition to its fine campus -
      > the
      > Lewis Environmental Learning Center, an ecological, super energy
      > efficient,
      > waste water recycling, soon to be 64KW+ PV powered classroom building. I
      > visited the building, took lots of pictures, and talked with a Brad Masi
      > about its eco-friendly design. I will highlight the building (and its
      > goals) in our first issue of RE News, which I am now drafting. [I want
      > Houston to have such an architectural treasure.]
      > I will provide a draft of the RE News before the next meeting, wherein we
      > can
      > discuss a final format and/or new content. Now, the format includes a
      > feature article, news, book review, calendar, business card ads, links,
      > and
      > contact info.
      > The following is a preliminary agenda. Comments and inputs welcomed.
      > *****
      > News Update (example, what is Oral Lafleur planning to do?)
      > "RE News" Review and Discussion (the first issue of our newsletter)
      > Roundup Activities and Planning (including Houston fundraising status)
      > Jonathan's Electric Bike (new and gets him to work nicely!)
      > Website Update (maybe some help from Andy Ewert)
      > Future Guest Speakers (brainstorm, strategize, and map out)
      > Meeting Location (consider alternatives)
      > *****
      > Thanks. An agenda update will be provided if deemed necessary. Mike
      > included some good directions to TSU in the May meeting's announcement
      > e-mail
      > (available on egroups). See you.
      > Jonathan A. Clemens
      > (281) 335-1155 home
      > (281) 333-1730 office
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