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Green Building in the Red

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Insider, I have read your July 27 Houston Press article entitled How green is my building? It is good to know what s happening, since I have heard only
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10 2:43 PM
      I have read your July 27 Houston Press article entitled "How green is my building?"  It is good to know what's happening, since I have heard only rumors of something good going on at the the UT Health Science Center.
      I sure would like to know some basic specifications on the building, relating to size, function, number of rooms, etc.  Since the point of the article was to relay difficulties with the project, including cost overruns, the reader should have been provided information as to what was really driving the cost up.
      We all know teams can have their difficulties, but I do not believe that mere disagreements led to the breakdowns, resignations and such in this case.  I, like many other residents of Houston, are anxiously awaiting the new icons of the green building movement.  We all want this project to be a success.  Please keep the story alive and portray the positive aspects of the project.
      The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio was recently completed, with the exception of a solar photovoltaic system to be added this summer, and its cost weighed in at about $10 M.  Since I have personally seen the Lewis building, and was thoroughly and deeply impressed with its elegance and energy savings (79% reduction in energy use compared to other classroom buildings in northern Ohio), the $40 M original estimate for the UT HSC project implies a much grander scenario.  It is not too shocking that the cost may have climbed to $60 M, but the project managers may want to look at Oberlin College's successful project.
      Bottom line, I want to know more about the UT HSC project and I want to see a greater urgency to see success.  Houston needs it.  The article I read hinted at a scandalous situation, but I do not believe such exists.  I want to see a follow on article when a new course is mapped out for the UT Health Science Center.  Thank you.
      Jonathan A. Clemens, Cost Analyst
      ECON, Inc.
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