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First Texas Clean Energy Congress--Registration attached

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    Dear Friend and Colleague, These are extraordinary times. We find ourselves at the turning point of many trends and the dawning of many opportunities. On
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2004
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      Dear Friend and Colleague,

      These are extraordinary times.  We find ourselves at the turning point of many trends and the dawning of many opportunities.

      On Sunday, November 14th, the First Texas Clean Energy Congress will convene in Austin at the Capitol Marriott.  This Congress will include a broad cross section of Renewable Energy Professionals, Clean Energy Advocates, Environmentalist,s and all the rest of us who sense or know that now is the time to craft a plan to move Texas and Austin to the forefront of Clean Energy development and implementation.

      Starting at three in the afternoon on Sunday the 14th, exhibits will open, followed by an opening reception at five.  The Congress will convene at six.

      This Conference is organized by the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association, one of this nation’s oldest and most respected renewable energy associations.  In an effort to gain wide spread participation in the process, the planners have set the cost of delegate registration for the Congress at an extremely reasonable price of $25.00.

      On Monday morning, convention delegates will be treated to a wake up breakfast with former PUC Commissioner and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy Karl Rabago.

      Such Texas notables as Tom (Smitty) Smith of Public Citizen, Jim Marston of Environmental Defense, Mark Yznaga of Austin Livable City, and former councilmember and SOS founder Brigid Shea will lead sessions following the Wake Up breakfast.

      Later that night, after the second general session has adjourned, we will celebrate our work done and our future hopes with the Party of the Congress with Greezy Wheels, one of Austin’s true musical bands of legend.   This will not be your usual bored-to-the max award fests.  We want this to be a shirt sleeves up, thought provoking, fun occasion to get things off the back burner and on to center stage.

      I urge to attend this important opportunity to help us craft a Declaration of Sustainability for a state whose wealth of resources, both human and natural, is waiting for this important and timely moment.

      I have attached the registration brochure.  You can also go to www.treia.org

      Come join us and let’s make History with our Future.

      Enthusiastically yours,

      Pliny Fisk III                                          
      Honorary Chairman                                      
      First Texas Clean Energy Congress                      

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