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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Includes the Hydrocycle , Energy 2000 in Pittsburgh, and much more... ... From: To: Sent:
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      Includes the "Hydrocycle", Energy 2000 in Pittsburgh, and much more...

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      Subject: July/August e-FFICIENCY NEWS

      > The bimonthly newsletter from the
      > Alliance to Save Energy
      > July/August 2000 Vol. 2 No. 4
      > CONTENTS
      > * Cure for the Summertime Blues?
      > * Keep Cool and Keep Lights On
      > * Just the Tax Incentives, Ma'am
      > * Get Energy $mart in New York
      > * The Race is On?
      > * CEEC Newsletter Debuts in India
      > * Surplus with a Smile
      > * Florida Solar Energy Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary
      > * Reicher Testifies in Special Energy Crisis Hearing
      > * Strong Step for Energy Efficiency in Senate
      > * More Tax Incentives?
      > * Bob Dixon Appointed to DOE Renewable Energy Post
      > * ESPC Barrier May Be Removed
      > * Electricity Reliability: Alliance Releases White Paper
      > * Green Schools West Opens in Los Angeles
      > * Evening with the Stars Convenes Powerhouses of Energy
      > Efficiency
      > * Alliance Partners Conduct Successful Mexico Seminar
      > HOT LINKS
      > * New Web Site on International Appliance Standards
      > * Climate Change Costs - Why Predictions Differ
      > * On a Roll with Energy Star
      > * Other Web Sites Worth Visiting
      > * Toyota Prius Now Greenest Car
      > * No More Gas Guzzling?
      > * Battelle Forecasts Top Ten Energy Innovations for 2010
      > * Sears Selling New Energy Star Clothes Washer
      > * A Bicycle Built for You: Fuel Cell Bicycle Testing Complete
      > * Australia's Premier Sustainable Energy Event
      > * FEMP Hosts Energy 2000 Workshop
      > * European Commission Holds Energy Efficiency Conference
      > * Affordable Comfort Seeks Presenters
      > * Canada Energy Efficiency Conference
      > Cure for the Summertime Blues?
      > As California is poised on the brink of rolling blackouts due to the
      > increased strain on its power grid, energy efficiency needs to play a key
      > role in solving the state's and the nation's electricity reliability
      > problem. Studies by the Alliance to Save Energy and the American Council
      > an Energy Efficient Economy(ACEEE) point out how efficiency measures could
      > reduce both the national base load and regional and local peak loads on
      > electric system.
      > This issue along with high oil prices has given the Alliance to Save
      > an opportunity to advance an energy efficiency message on CBS Evening
      > USA Today, National Public Radio, the Associated Press, Scripps-Howard
      > Service, and the Christian Science Monitor, Congressional Quarterly, among
      > other venues.
      > Alliance White Paper on Reliability:
      > <http://www.ase.org/electricity/electricitywhitepaper.htm>
      > ACEE white paper
      > <http://www.aceee.org/new/index.htm>
      > Alliance coverage:
      > USA Today: <http://www.usatoday.com/news/acovwed.htm>
      > <http://www.ase.org/electricity>
      > Keep Cool and Keep the Lights On
      > The Trane Company, one of the nation's leading makers of air conditioning
      > equipment, expressed support for efficiency standards for air conditioners
      > following a series of discussions with efficiency advocates, including the
      > Alliance to Save Energy.
      > Trane's statement is just in time: Stronger energy-efficiency standards
      > air conditioners could have prevented major outages and shortages caused
      > high electricity demand in 1999 and in California this summer, according
      > a new study released by the Appliance Standards Awareness Project.
      > http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/acstandards.htm
      > <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/acstandards.htm>
      > <http://www.standardsasap.org/acrpt.htm>
      > Just the Tax Incentives, Ma'am
      > On July 25, House and Senate champions introduced companion bills which
      > would create a tax credit for washing machines and refrigerators that
      > significantly exceed the efficiency of models covered in the recent
      > appliance standards promulgated for both those appliances. The effort to
      > create this credit has been spearheaded by a unique coalition of appliance
      > manufacturers and energy-efficiency and environmental organizations. In
      > Senate, Senators James Jeffords (R- Vt.), Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), and
      > Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) introduced S.2939. Representatives Jim Nussle
      > and John Tanner (D-Tenn.) sponsored the House version, H.R. 4977. "At the
      > same time, consumers would save more than $1 billion in reduced energy and
      > water bills, from the tax credits alone," says Daniel Lashof, Senior
      > Scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council.
      > http://www.ase.org/media/newsrel/press.htm#washerlegislation
      > <http://www.ase.org/media/newsrel/press.htm#ApplaudLegislation>
      > Statement of David M. Nemtzow, Alliance President:
      > <http://www.ase.org/media/newsrel/press.htm#REAlegislation>
      > Daniel Lashof's statement: <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/lashof.htm>
      > Statement of Edward R. Osann, American Council for an Energy Efficient
      > Economy:
      > <http://aceee.org/press/rea.htm>
      > Get Energy $mart in New York
      > The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
      > launched its new energy efficiency campaign last month. As part of the New
      > York Energy $mart program, the Keep Cool Summer Awareness campaign
      > electricity reliability and the Energy Star label to reduce energy bills
      > pollution. The campaign is a collaborative community effort involving
      > retailers, manufacturers, home remodelers and designers, the media, and
      > others. The campaign includes radio, subway and bus ads, and utility bill
      > inserts. NYSERDA and the Alliance to Save Energy underwriting messages are
      > running on public radio stations in New York City and Albany on both
      > Edition and All Things Considered.
      > For more information: <http://www.GetEnergySmart.org>.
      > To hear the audio news release: <>
      > The Race is On?
      > A new energy efficiency trend in auto manufacturing puts major
      > in the spotlight as they each strive to produce energy-efficient cars and
      > trucks. Toyota and Honda have already premiered hybrid cars. Ford
      > that it will increase the fuel economy of its SUVs, while GM promises to
      > produce a full-size hybrid pickup truck beginning in 2004.
      > <http://www.ford.com/default.asp?pageid=581&storyid=929>
      > <http://www.generalmotors.com/cgi-bin/pr_display.pl?1531>
      > <http://www.toyota.com/times/product/docs/2000rel/07priusrelease.html>
      > <http://www.honda2000.com/news/press.html?y=2000&r=108>
      > CEEC Newsletter Debuts in India
      > The Council of Energy Efficiency Companies (CEEC) of India has released
      > inaugural issue of Energy Productivity News, a publication designed to
      > provide information on trends in the Indian energy efficiency and policy
      > sector.
      > For further information: <http://www.ase.org/ceeci/>
      > <http://www.ase.org/programs/international/ceeci-news.htm>
      > Surplus With a Smile
      > Presidential Candidate Al Gore pledged some of the federal government
      > surplus to create a National Security and Environment Trust Fund. "Energy
      > consumers in the U.S. will be able to breathe a little easier if the Vice
      > President's clean energy proposals became law," says David Nemtzow,
      > President of the Alliance to Save Energy. Gore's stated policy goals
      > saving energy, reducing pollution and reducing the nation's dependence on
      > unreliable imported oil. Proposed tax credits for consumers and tax
      > incentives for businesses are major components of Gore's proposed policy.
      > <http://www.ase.org/takeaction/candidates.htm>
      > <http://www.ase.org/media/newsrel/press.htm#Energy consumers>
      > Florida Solar Energy Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary
      > Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Cabinet honored the Florida
      > Energy Center (FSEC) on July 11 with an official resolution celebrating
      > officially kicking off the FSEC's 25th anniversary. The Alliance
      > congratulates Executive Director Dr. David Block and the entire FSEC staff
      > for their extraordinary contributions to sustainable energy over the past
      > quarter century.
      > For more information: <http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/About/cabinet_res.htm>
      > Reicher Testifies in Special Energy Crisis Hearing
      > On Wednesday, July 26, Assistant Secretary for Energy-Efficiency and
      > Renewable Energy Dan Reicher testified before a special hearing of the
      > Interior Appropriations Subcommittee on the burgeoning crises in energy.
      > Topics included gas and heating oil prices, electricity reliability, and a
      > potential crisis in natural gas prices this winter. Reicher stressed the
      > need for addressing the demand side of these problems as well as supply
      > solutions.
      > <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/doeresearch.htm>
      > Asst. Secretary Reicher's statement:
      > <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/reicher.htm>
      > Strong Step for Energy Efficiency in Senate
      > Alliance Chairman, Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) helped achieve a forward
      > step for energy efficiency in the context of electric utility
      > reaching agreement with Senate Energy Committee Chairman Frank Murkowski
      > (R-Alaska) on the need for including a public benefits fund in a
      > comprehensive electricity bill. The Murkowski-Bingaman draft of agreed
      > principles includes a $1 million fund, which would generate $3 billion for
      > states to spend on energy-efficiency, low-income assistance and other
      > purposes.
      > <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/restructuring.htm>
      > More Tax Incentives?
      > Also on the home tax credit front, Senator Bob Smith (R-N.H.), Chairman of
      > the Environment and Public Works Committee, introduced a bill to provide
      > incentives for energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. For
      > S. 2718 would provide a tax credit of $750 for homes that exceed model
      > energy codes by 30 percent and $2000 for homes that exceed them by 50
      > percent. The Smith bill is the first major legislation providing home tax
      > credits to be introduced and get cosponsors in the Senate.
      > For full text of the bill: <http://thomas.loc.gov>
      > Bob Dixon Appointed to DOE Renewable Energy Post
      > Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and Assistant Secretary Dan Reicher this
      > week appointed Dr. Robert Dixon as Deputy Assistant Secretary for the
      > of Power Technologies, the U.S. Department of Energy office that directs
      > renewable energy activities. Dixon brings more than 20 years of energy and
      > environmental experience with federal agencies, the private sector and
      > academia. Alliance president David Nemtzow said "Bob Dixon is a superb
      > choice and will serve the renewables and efficiency communities extremely
      > well - we congratulate him on his appointment."
      > ESPC Barrier May Be Removed
      > In a change long sought by the Alliance, a significant barrier to wider
      > of Energy Savings Performance Contracts by federal agencies may soon be
      > removed. A Senate bill includes language raising the Congressional
      > notification threshold for the award of an ESPC. The Alliance is meeting
      > with House committees urging them to support the change.
      > http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/espc.htm <http://www.eren.doe.gov/femp/>
      > Electricity Reliability - Alliance Releases White Paper
      > The Alliance Policy Team has been working hard to broaden the "supply
      > focus of the debate on Capitol Hill over electric system reliability.
      > During the July 4 recess, policy staff delivered a letter, fact sheet, and
      > copy of a 'white paper' to every member's office that emphasized the
      > side of the electricity market and pointed out that demand-side measures
      > be instituted more quickly and less expensively than new power plants and
      > transmission lines can be built.
      > <http://www.ase.org/electricity/electricitywhitepaper.htm>
      > Green Schools West Opens in Los Angeles
      > In the wake of the Southern California heat wave causing power
      > the Alliance's Green Schools program announces its first effort in
      > California. The Green Schools West program will kick off in three school
      > districts this fall. In addition to a focus on school energy efficiency,
      > this program will have students bring home the efficiency message to their
      > families.
      > <http://www.ase.org/e-FFICIENCY/greenschoolswest.htm>
      > Evening with the Stars Convenes Powerhouses of Energy Efficiency
      > Progressive change was the fundamental theme at the highly successful
      > and reception held June 13. Award winners included the Charles H. Percy
      > recipient, Habitat for Humanity, Star of Energy Efficiency winners Toyota
      > for their Prius hybrid car, and Denis Hayes, Chairman of the Earth Day
      > Network, and Chairman's Award recipient, Dean Langford, president of OSRAM
      > SYLVANIA.
      > <http://www.ase.org/profess/associates/dinner/index.htm>
      > Alliance Partners Conduct Successful Mexico Seminar
      > By partnering with the Energy Efficiency Industry in Mexico, the Alliance
      > helped raise the level of understanding that energy efficiency not only
      > makes good business sense but also protects the local and global
      > environment. Two industrial energy efficiency seminars were organized this
      > summer with long-time partners Comisión Nacional para el Ahorro de Energía
      > (CONAE) and Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energía (FIDE) in Altamira and
      > Guadalajara. More than 170 representatives from 90 factories learned to
      > identify energy-saving opportunities from 14 energy efficiency companies.
      > <http://www.ase.org/programs/international/mexico.htm#Two Successful
      > Seminars>
      > HOT LINKS
      > New Web Site on International Appliance Standards
      > The Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP)
      > the launch of its new web site <www.clasponline.org>. This site not only
      > shares comprehensive information on energy efficiency standards and
      > in countries around the world, but also provides a clearinghouse of
      > technical resources and government-based programs for implementing
      > and equipment standards and labeling.
      > Climate Change Costs - Why Predictions Differ
      > A new report commissioned by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change
      > identifies why economists' predictions of the costs of proposed policies
      > vary so widely. Because different models assign varying degrees of
      > importance to various factors, understanding the assumptions on which
      > they're based will help explain many of the differences in climate policy
      > cost projections.
      > <http://www.pewclimate.org/projects/econ_introduction.html>
      > On A Roll with Energy Star
      > Energy Star has been on a roll this summer! There have been many exciting
      > events featuring Energy Star. There have also been some new program
      > developments you don't want to miss!
      > <http://www.epa.gov/appdstart/estar/news.html>
      > Other Web Sites Worth Visiting
      > The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association has a new web address:
      > <http://www.glrea.org/>
      > Climate Prediction Center - Excessive Heat Outlooks
      > <http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/hi_outlook.html>
      > Toyota Prius Now Greenest Car
      > The hybrid Toyota Prius sedan, honored last month by the Alliance to Save
      > Energy as a Star of Energy Efficiency, now ranks as the most
      > friendly gasoline-powered vehicle on sale in the United States according
      > the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). In its Green
      > Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars & Trucks, ACEEE adds the Prius to
      > early Model Year 2001 ratings posted on the online version of its
      > comprehensive environmental guide to all vehicles on the U.S. market. As
      > world's first mass-produced hybrid - sold in Japan since December 1997 -
      > Prius now joins the Honda Insight as the only two hybrids available in the
      > United States.
      > <http://wwwgreenercars.org/pr4.html>
      > No More Gas Guzzling?
      > Gasoline consumption in the U.S. has fallen. Average daily consumption
      > during the four-week period ending July 28, 2000 was nearly 4 percent less
      > than the same period a year ago; average daily consumption for the
      > year has fallen 1 percent from last year at this date. This is more
      > significant considering that the economy is still robust and that gasoline
      > consumption increased by an average 2.5 percent from one year to the next
      > during the second half of the 1990s. The likely culprit is, of course,
      > higher gasoline prices and it is too early to tell if auto purchase
      > and driver behavior will significantly change.
      > Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration Weekly Petroleum
      > U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet, 4 Weeks Ending 7/28/2000
      > leum_status_report/current/pdf/table01.pdf>
      > Battelle Forecasts Top Ten Energy Innovations for 2010
      > Top energy experts at Battelle and the national laboratories it manages
      > co-manages for the U.S. Department of Energy have forecast the top ten
      > energy innovations for 2010. They include: Hybrid vehicles (like the
      > Prius), Smart Energy Management Systems that will increase the efficiency
      > transportation and will be used in heating, air conditioning, household
      > appliances, and business equipment, and fuel cells.
      > <http://www.battelle.org/news/00/07-26-00ENERGY.stm>
      > Sears Selling New Energy Star Clothes Washer
      > Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced that it will begin selling a new
      > energy-efficiency clothes washer, the Kenmore Elite Calypso. Built by the
      > Whirlpool Corporation, this washer is the largest-capacity residential
      > washer on the market today, yet its energy- and water-saving features have
      > qualified it for the Energy Star label. DOE estimates a family could save
      > nearly $100 and 7,100 gallons of water each year by using the washer.
      > <http://www.doe.gov/news/releases00/junpr/pr00171.htm>.
      > A Bicycle Built for You: Fuel Cell Bicycle Testing Complete
      > Manhattan Scientifics has completed testing of its Hydrocycle, a bicycle
      > that operates on a fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel is stored in a two-liter
      > carbon fiber pressure vessel located behind the seat. The bicycle,
      > to compete with today's battery-powered bicycles, has a range of 70 to 100
      > kilometers and a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour.
      > <http://www.hawkassociates.com/mhtx/mhtxpr28.htm>
      > Australia's Premier Sustainable Energy Event
      > The Sustainable Energy Industry Association in Australia will be hosting
      > International Sustainable Energy Exhibition and Convention in Melbourne
      > October 31-November 1, 2000.
      > For more information: <http://www.seia.com.au/ISEEC.html>
      > FEMP Hosts Energy 2000 Workshop
      > The Energy 2000 energy efficiency workshop and exposition will be held in
      > Pittsburgh, PA August 21-23.
      > For more information: <http://www.energy2000.ee.doe.gov>.
      > European Commission Holds Energy Efficiency Conference
      > The 2nd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Household
      > Appliances and Lighting will be held in Naples, Italy from September
      > For more information: <http://www.aiee.org>
      > Affordable Comfort Seeks Presenters
      > Affordable Comfort, Inc. needs presenters for the Affordable Comfort
      > Conference in 2001. Deadline for proposal submissions is August 11, 2000.
      > For more information, see the Call for Presenters at
      > <www.affordablecomfort.org>.
      > Canada Energy Efficiency Conference
      > Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency will host Canada's
      > Energy Efficiency Conference 2000 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from October
      > -12, 2000.
      > <http://www.oee.nrcan.gc.ca/conference/e/home.cfm>
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