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Re: [hreg] RE Status thoughts

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  • Lunce
    Thank you so much Chris!! Lunce
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2004
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      Thank you so much Chris!!


      Roxanne Boyer wrote:

      > I just got back from the World Renewable Energy Congress meeting in
      > Denver. Very interesting and exciting event. I'm finishing some
      > calculations and then I'll put out a more detailed report on the HREG
      > e-mail. Basically, the first wave of renewable energy in the US was
      > Hydro 1920-1960 - making 6% of electricity today. The hydro
      > power potential is pretty much maxed out. Biomass as sawmill wastes
      > have always been used and there has been some other waste use
      > acounting for 3% of total energy used in the US. A second wave of
      > biomass energy will occur 2004 to 2010 raising the total to about 10%
      > of US energy consumed, some as electricity, some as heat and some as
      > fuels; 10% is pretty close to the maximum potential. Wind power is
      > being installed rapidly 2000 to 2010 to probably make up another 10 to
      > 20% of US electricity before its real potential is reached. So far,
      > most Renewable energy is generated in large scale, utility type
      > facilities. Solar PV is unique in that it can be distributed on roof
      > tops. Solar PV is already taking off in Japan and Germany - both have
      > surpassed US PV production because they have high energy prices and
      > they have serious inititives for Solar power. Solar PV will probably
      > by convenient for the average residence in 2010 and even economical by
      > 2020. At that time, the whole electric market will change - very
      > exciting.
      > There are three catagories of energy use in the US: electricity, heat
      > and transportation fuel. The first two can be economically generated
      > largely by renewables within a few decades. The third, transportation
      > fuel, has no substitue for petroleum - which is our worst dependence.
      > Even if we use all the available agri land (not being used for food or
      > feed) for biomass and convert it to transportation fuel, it only
      > amounts to about 10% of our current use (I found this disappointing
      > because I thought the potential was larger). The hydrogen economy
      > (and hydrogen fuel), in my opinion, is far away (after 2050), unless
      > maybe the nation, and world, invest wartime efforts into research and
      > development. Keep thinking...
      > -Chris
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