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FW: Worldwatch: Renewable Energy to HREG

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  • Steven M. Stelzer
    Worldwatch Institute Press ReleaseFYI from the Worldwatch Institute a report on Renewable Energy. Wednesday, May 19, 2004 This message includes: 1.. Just
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      Worldwatch Institute Press Release
      FYI from the Worldwatch Institute a report on Renewable Energy. 

      Worldwatch Institute

      Wednesday, May 19, 2004  

      This message includes:
      1. Just Published! Mainstreaming Renewable Energy in the 21st Century
      2. New Online Feature—Worldwatch Climate Change Resources
      3. This Week’s Good Stuff Feature—Shrimp: A Jumbo-sized Impact in Every Bite
      4. Worldwatch in Action

      1. Just Published! Mainstreaming Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

      wwp 169At a well-attended briefing on May 19, Janet Sawin, Director of Worldwatch's Energy and Climate Program, released the Institute's latest report on renewable energy, which describes the policies needed to thrust renewables into the mainstream of today’s global energy economy. Worldwatch President Christopher Flavin and a panel of high-level experts from business and government joined Sawin to preview the upcoming international conference on renewable energy, to be held in Bonn, Germany, June 1-4.

      For more information, or to purchase a hard copy or PDF of Mainstreaming Renewable Energy in the 21st Century, go to www.worldwatch.org/pubs/paper/169/

      2. New Online Feature—Worldwatch Climate Change Resources

      Climate ChangeA new film about abrupt climate change is making headlines around the world, even before its May 28 debut. To help moviegoers understand the kernels of truth in "The Day After Tomorrow," Worldwatch has assembled a variety of climate change resources in its new online portal, "A Better Day After Tomorrow.” Visitors will find Q & A's about climate change and global warming, ideas for reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions, links to relevant websites, and other climate-focused items.

      To visit the portal, go to: www.worldwatch.org/features/climate/

      3. Good Stuff Feature—Shrimp: A Jumbo-sized Impact in Every Bite

      shrimp Learn about the environmental impacts of how shrimp are caught—and what you can do about it, at:

      4. Worldwatch in Action
      • kofi annanIn early May, Senior Researcher and security expert Michael Renner attended the Hague Conference on Environment, Security, and Sustainable Development ( www.envirosecurity.net/conference/ ), where he spoke on the topic of resource wars. The event brought together some150 academics, NGO workers, and representatives of government and international organizations.

        Michael then traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to chair a session on global issues in preparation for Forum 2004 ( www.barcelona2004.org/eng/ ), a four-month long international gathering aimed at furthering global peace. Other speakers at the session, titled "From Knowledge to Wisdom?," included the Brazilian minister of culture, Gilberto Gil, and Breyten Breytenbach, a prominent South African writer and artist who was an outspoken opponent to the Apartheid regime.

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