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  • Mike Johnston
    Hi Heather, I wrote that bit for a general sort of audience. I wanted to be fairly inoffensive but still point out that the Bush Administration s Black
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Hi Heather,
      I wrote that bit for a general sort of audience. I wanted to be fairly inoffensive but still point out that the Bush Administration's "Black Hydrogen" plan is really a hybrid between H2 from hydrocarbons and H2 from water. That is just the way the steam reformation process works. What slightly offended me is that they don't bother to mention that fact.
      The catalyst used is platinum, just like a fuel cell. Oil companies are the single biggest user of platinum in the world today. it is used in the catalytic cracking process in refineries as well.
      The energy to run the reformer would probably be electricity from the vehicle's electrical system.
      The steam/gas mixture has to be heated to around 1000 degrees f for the process to work. It is much like the way they used to make water gas in the 1800's although this uses hydrocarbons instead of plain carbon.
      I agree that H2 from water is much better and power from renewables is the way to go. I don't think the general public knows enough about hydrogen energy or it's sources for them to make an informed decision on what path they want to follow. So, like always, the decision is being made for us by the people with the most to gain financially. Oil companies will be able to benefit by extending the world's oil supply and by selling the H2 when an on-board reformer is not used. This provides a quick fix and allows business to continue as usual. By doing this the development of alternatives is stifled. I think people need to be educated.

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      > Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 09:14:51 -0500
      > From: "HARRISON, HEATHER L. (JSC-ZR) (MEI)"
      >Subject: RE: Thoughts on Hydrogen From Oil (Black Hydrogen)
      >So it uses fossil fuel, steam (needs power from somewhere), a catalyst
      >(what's the impact of that chemical?), and still produces carbon dioxide.
      >What is the advantage?
      >It seems that if we put all the effort that's been put into hydrogen
      >technology into battery technology, we could lower the cost of say lithium
      >ion car batteries (which can take you as far as a full tank of gasoline) to
      >the point where they are cost effective to those on economy car budget. If
      >you get your household electricity from the right place (wind, solar), you
      >then use NO fossil fuel and produce NO carbon dioxide.
      >You also get a more mechanically reliable car.
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