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  • Chuck Wright
    ... Hi Folks, I want to implement an online projects notebook for the TXSES web site. I have various projects that I would like to put there, and think it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2000
      hreg@egroups.com wrote:

      > Message: 1
      > Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:38:29 EDT
      > From: jclem412@...
      > Subject: RE News Draft - Input Request
      > HREG,
      > Please find attached a Publisher 2000 file draft of the first RE News newsletter. I foresee a quarterly release of articles and information relevant to Houston and to RE in general. We can discuss in detail what the newsletter should be and look like at our next general meeting (7/30/00), but I would like to present a plan here:
      > Draft Template (Jonathan)
      > Solicit Articles from HREG members
      > - HREG - Who we are (Jonathan)
      > - The Ecology of Design (Jonathan)
      > - Book Review: "Forward Drive" (Jonathan)
      > - TSU RE Lab (Oral)
      > - Solar Electric Lawn Mower (Jim)
      > - Straw Bale House (Kim Travis)
      > - UT HSC School of Nursing Building (???)
      > - Other topics (????)
      > Review Draft with TxSES Board 7/16 (Jonathan)
      > Review Final Draft with HREG 7/30 (all)
      > Release for distribution 8/xx(Jonathan et al)
      > Update newsletter quarterly (all/Jonathan, editor)
      > I encourage every HREG member to submit inputs - provide articles, write-ups, pictures, etc. Articles should be kept to about 100 to 175 words (plus a small picture).
      > We will keep to a simple format. The newsletter will have an address box area for mailing. We should draft up some guidelines at the next general meeting.
      > Your feedback is welcomed. If you can not read the attached file, I can fax or mail you the draft.
      > We will have no trouble finding material for the newsletter every 3 months. Of course, we should not directly endorse products.
      > See you July 30. Thanks.
      > Jonathan A. Clemens
      > (281) 333-1730
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      > ________________________________________________________________________

      Hi Folks,

      I want to implement an online "projects notebook" for the TXSES
      web site.

      I have various projects that I would like to put there, and think it
      is great that you folks have god projects.

      I was thinking about storing it in a database, so that it would take
      less (preferrably no) maintenance than regular HTML. This way,
      we could have sorting and searching capabilities.

      I think I can do it so that the user can upload her/his own stuff.
      It would probably be the sort of thing where entry would present
      a form for basic contact inormation (optional), a block of text,
      and a couple of photos (jpeg or gif).


      - C

      Chuck Wright
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