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Dennis Weaver's Hydrogen Drive 2004 coming up

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  • Mike Johnston
    Message: 3 Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 11:14:38 -0000 From: Janet Ritz Subject: International Hydrogen Drive 2004 Event!! Hi Everyone! I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2004
      Message: 3
      Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 11:14:38 -0000
      From: "Janet Ritz" <janet@...>
      Subject: International Hydrogen Drive 2004 Event!!

      Hi Everyone!

      I want to let you all know about an important event that needs
      everyone's support:

      Actor Dennis Weaver's International Hydrogen Drive 2004 (which will
      include both hydrogen fuel cell and internal combustion, hybrid and
      bio-diesel vehicles) is confirmed!! This is a very important cause
      that is involving celebrities and politicians, but it needs more
      visibility among the actual environmental groups!

      The link is http://www.hydrogendrive.com

      The IHD2004 is an international caravan (with major stars and
      national political figures) -- all driving new alternative fuel
      vehicles to bring visibility to the progress manufacturers have made
      and the viability of these alternative vehicles. Both celebrities
      and politicians are signing up to become involved.

      It will start in LA on June 28th, wind down to Mexico, then back up
      through California, Oregon, Washington, finally finishing up in
      Vancouver on July 12th. MSNBC will be covering it and there will be
      26 celebrity rallies, along the way! (As well as future caravans to
      be scheduled for other parts of the country, coming soon!).

      Here are the reasons I'm asking everyone to check out IHD2004:

      1. IHD2004 is an important kickoff for the Geo-Political-
      Environmentalism (G-P-E) movement -- which is publicizing the
      philosophy that we will never truly be safe until we have no further
      dependence on resources from the Middle East (i.e. no more need for

      2. IHD2004 will be bringing visibility to the fact that the new
      alternative fuel cars now include all shapes and sizes and sources of
      fuels and that many states are now setting up hydrogen highways
      (alternative fueling stations every 20 miles, along their own main
      highways, so people can fill up, as they go)!

      3. My involvement: In addition to being a strong supporter of
      alternative fuels, I am also a TV/Film composer (in my day job :o)
      The International Hydrogen Drive is using my music (
      http://janetritz.com/songs.htm ) for their theme song. Anyway, if you're
      curious, please check out both http://www.JanetRitz.com and the
      Highlights box at http://hydrogendrive.com .

      4. These drives have FREE celebrity rallies, along the way, and are a
      super way to have FUN and meet great people!

      Please check out the above links, tell everyone you know about
      IHD2004, also please check and forward this email to all interested


      Janet Ritz
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