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Re: [hreg] question

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  • Andy Ewert
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2000
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      >please advise how can I get unsubscribed to the mailing list?<BR>
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      >jclem412@... Wrote on <BR>
      >Fri Jun 16 09:34:10 2000<BR>
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      >News you can use - this message is in response to an action item<BR>
      >at the last regular meeting.  Kathryn Houser has so eloquently<BR>
      >clarified our booth situation at Roundup.  Read below.<BR>
      >Find long lost high school friends:<BR>
      ><a href="http://click.egroups.com/1/5544/0/_/58590/_/961162459/">http://click.egroups.com/1/5544/0/_/58590/_/961162459/</a><BR>
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      >Subject: Fw: Roundup - Booth Space?<BR>
      >Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 08:26:34 -0500<BR>
      >Organization: ECON, Incorporated<BR>
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      >----- Original Message -----=20<BR>
      >From: Kathryn Houser=20<BR>
      >To: Jonathan Clemens=20<BR>
      >Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2000 2:38 PM<BR>
      >Subject: Re: Roundup - Booth Space?<BR>
      >Hi Jonathan,=20<BR>
      >All of the chapters will share booth space with TXSES.  EPSEA<BR>
      >has a large di=<BR>
      >splay, we have lots of peripherals around ours, and of course<BR>
      >you guys have=20=<BR>
      >your award-winning booth!  We will determine how much space we<BR>
      >can claim bas=<BR>
      >ically at the last minute--whatever is left over from selling<BR>
      >spaces.  We wi=<BR>
      >ll certainly reserve one booth space (12' x 12'), if all the<BR>
      >rest are sellin=<BR>
      >g like hot cakes, but potentially we can have more if some go<BR>
      >unsold.  It wi=<BR>
      >ll likely be in the outdoor area, since much of our goodies require<BR>
      > and they are bigger than the indoor 10' x 10' spaces..=20<BR>
      >Muddie enough for you????=20<BR>
      >Jonathan Clemens wrote:=20<BR>
      >  Kathryn, A question came up at our last HREG meeting - what<BR>
      >is the display=<BR>
      > booth situation at Roundup for HREG?  Do we have one?  Do we<BR>
      >share?  How  m=<BR>
      >uch space?  If you know, let me know, and I will let the Houston<BR>
      >RE Gang kno=<BR>
      >w here in HOusTon.  Thanks. Jonathan<BR>
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      ><DIV> </DIV><BR>
      ><DIV>----- Original Message -----=20<BR>
      ><DIV><B>From:</B> <A=20<BR>
      >href=3D"mailto:rainfall@..." title=3Drainfall@...>Kathryn<BR>
      ><DIV><B>To:</B> <A href=3D"mailto:jclemens@..."=20<BR>
      >title=3Djclemens@...>Jonathan Clemens</A> </DIV><BR>
      ><DIV><B>Sent:</B> Thursday, June 15, 2000 2:38 PM</DIV><BR>
      ><DIV><B>Subject:</B> Re: Roundup - Booth Space?</DIV></DIV><BR>
      ><DIV><BR></DIV>Hi Jonathan, <BR>All of the chapters will share<BR>
      >booth space =<BR>
      >TXSES.  EPSEA has a large display, we have lots of peripherals<BR>
      >around =<BR>
      >and of course you guys have your award-winning booth!  We will<BR>
      >how much space we can claim basically at the last minute--whatever<BR>
      >is left =<BR>
      >from selling spaces.  We will certainly reserve one booth space<BR>
      >(12' x=<BR>
      >12'), if all the rest are selling like hot cakes, but potentially<BR>
      >we can ha=<BR>
      >more if some go unsold.  It will likely be in the outdoor area,<BR>
      >since =<BR>
      >of our goodies require sunlight and they are bigger than the<BR>
      >indoor 10' x 1=<BR>
      >spaces.. <BR>Muddie enough for you???? <BR>Kathryn=20<BR>
      ><P>Jonathan Clemens wrote:=20<BR>
      >  <STYLE></STYLE><BR>
      >  <FONT face=3DArial><FONT size=3D-1>Kathryn,</FONT></FONT> <FONT=20<BR>
      >  face=3DArial><FONT size=3D-1>A question came up at our last<BR>
      >HREG meeting =<BR>
      >- what is=20<BR>
      >  the display booth situation at Roundup for HREG?  Do we have<BR>
      >  Do we share?  How  much space?  If you know, let me know, =<BR>
      >and I=20<BR>
      >  will let the Houston RE Gang know here in HOusTon. =20<BR>
      >  Thanks.</FONT></FONT> <FONT face=3DArial><FONT=20<BR>
      >  size=3D-1>Jonathan</FONT></FONT></BLOCKQUOTE></BODY></HTML><BR>
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