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Re: [hreg] More bad legislation...

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  • Kim & Garth Travis
    Excuse me, but this comment is very incomplete. These rules apply to everyone that lives by DOT, not just trucking companies. As a person who is involved in
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2003
      Excuse me, but this comment is very incomplete. These rules apply to
      everyone that lives by DOT, not just trucking companies. As a person who
      is involved in the oil field service area, I think this is wonderful
      legislation. The 10 hours off is from clock punch out to clock punch
      in. In this 10 hours, the worker must drive home and back, shower, sleep,
      eat, kiss his kids, his wife, do the honey-do-list, and live. Many of
      these guys work seven days a week. Most have been getting by on 4 hours
      sleep, because they only got 8 hours off. The cost in terms of medical
      problems, family problems, divorce, etc. is too high the way things are.

      The number of innocent people that get killed everyday because a truck
      driver fell asleep on the road is way too high. These guys are not
      automatons, they do need time off and if the companies don't provide
      reasonable hours, then we do have to legislate it.

      Bright Blessings,

      At 10:06 PM 12/27/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      >OK Chuck, you can flog me for another non-solar issue posted on this site.
      >However, this is an last-minute warning about what is about to happen to
      >the trucking industry in the US.
      >The federal legislation, Hours-Of-Service reform, that will become law in
      >Jan. 2004 will limit all commercial truck drivers to 14 hrs. driving & 10
      >hrs. (continuous) not driving. If enforced, drivers will be required to
      >drive fewer hours per day. (Currently, drivers can drive 10 hrs and must
      >stop 4 hrs. day and night.) *
      >This will effectively force trucking companies to hire thousands of new
      >drivers; this at a time when a huge shortage of qualified drivers already
      >exists in the US. It will also mean that there will be more trucks on the
      >highways because they will be carrying smaller loads.
      >I have spoken with 2 people in the trucking industry about this issue in
      >the last 3 days. One is a long haul driver who has witnessed a tremendous
      >amount of anger among drivers who will be paid less because of reduced
      >hours. There is pressure among many to stage a 24 hour work stoppage
      >nation-wide in protest.
      >The other has been in management, with several major trucking companies,
      >for over 25 years. He has assured me that the RR industry is entirely
      >responsible for the legislation. Both agree that the cost of anything
      >delivered by truck will increase. Also, the number of trailer-train RR
      >cars will increase to accommodate the backlog.
      >This is, apparently, another poorly researched piece of special interest
      >legislation from the current administration. (Remember the steel tariffs?)
      >These, and many other www sites, are speaking out about the problem yet we
      >hear nothing from the major news media, at least I haven't.
      >Consider yourselves notified.
      >Register and vote!
      >Jim Duncan
      >* In all honesty, MANY truckers are guilty of falsifying their logbooks.
      >Drivers are currently considered 'driving' for all of that 10 hr period,
      >even if they are waiting to unload, receive a load or even getting fuel or
      >eating at a truck-stop. They will enter their starting time to reflect
      >their actual departure time. Many, too, will drive till they stop then
      >enter their starting time as 10 hrs earlier. Clearly illegal and dangerous.
      >When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.
      >Kikuyn Proverb
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