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  • Roxanne Boyer
    I didn t get many responses from the first attempt, so I m sending this e-mail again. Return it to my e-mail, rox1@awesomenet.net. DO NOT REPLY TO HREG. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2003
      I didn't get many responses from the first attempt, so I'm sending this e-mail again.  Return it to my e-mail, rox1@.... DO NOT REPLY TO HREG.   It will only take a few seconds to fill out - "Yes" "No" answers are fine.  Everyone's reply is important. 
      Chris Boyer
      HREG Vice-President
      Here's one way how to fill out the survey.
      1) click reply (with text),
      2) delete the hreg@... address and replace it with rox1@... , 
      3) move down the text I wrote and type in your answer below each question.
      HREG Renewable Energy (RE) Survey 
      1.        In which county do you reside?
      2.        Are you using RE at your business or residence, and if so, what type and how much (watts,gallons,$)?
      3.        Do you have plans to install new (or more) RE at your residence in the next few years; if so, what type?
      4.        Is there an area of RE about which you would like to know more information?
      5.        Are you knowledgeable in an RE area and interested in delivering a presentation during an HREG meeting?
      6.        Any other comments?
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