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FW: Hydrogen

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  • Mike Ewert
    I agree with LaVerne that this is an excellent article on hydrogen. Here is the web link: http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/art7516.php ... From: LaVerne Williams
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2003
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      I agree with LaVerne that this is an excellent article on hydrogen.  Here is the web link: http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/art7516.php 
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      From: LaVerne Williams [mailto:lavernewilliams@...]
      Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2003 5:21 PM
      To: Mike Ewert
      Subject: Hydrogen

      Here is something that HREG members might be interested in.  Amory Lovins is considered to be one of the top energy experts in the world.  The main article of the newsletter is a primer on Hydrogen.  Though it might be helpful for the current discussion going on.
      Here's some bio on Dr. Lovins that I found:

      The Wall Street Journal named Dr Amory Lovins one of 28 people world-wide "most likely to change the course of business in the '90s". Newsweek called him "one of the Western world's most influential energy thinkers".

      As well as co-authoring Natural Capitalism - the Next Industrial Revolution, he has briefed 10 heads of state, held several visiting academic chairs, authored and co-authored 26 books and hundreds of papers and consulted for scores of industries and governments worldwide.

      He is Co-CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a non-profit natural resource think, and lives in the Rockies on a very unusual banana farm.

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