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RE: [hreg] Re: Media Advisory - Public Meetings on Oil & Gas Peak & Decline

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  • Dan S
    Bering Drive runs at a right angle to Westheimer about a mile past the Galleria as your heading out Westheimer towards Highway 6. Bering drive actually
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 20, 2003
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      Bering Drive runs at a right angle to Westheimer about a mile past the
      Galleria as your heading out Westheimer towards Highway 6. Bering drive
      actually dead-ends into Westheimer, so if your heading out Westheimer, you
      will have to make a right hand turn on to Bering Dr. I think that there is
      a James Coney Island on the left hand side of Westheimer.

      Dan S.

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      I heard this guy on KPFT's Progressive Forum last night. Very
      I plan to attend, if I can figure out where Bering Dr is.

      Randy Scott
      Drafting/Mechanical Design
      Detector Electronics - Houston
      Houston tx 77055

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, Chuck Wright <chuck-wright@i...> wrote:
      > FYI...
      > Many of you HREG folks may want to catch the
      > one in Houston. NTREG folks who are coming to Austin
      > for the ASES conference might want to attend it here.
      > I recommend the book, too. Some of his conclusions
      > at the end are slightly more pessimistic than my own
      > views, but I think he is mostly on target.
      > - C
      > ----------
      > From: "Jim Baldauf" <jfbaldauf@p...>
      > Contact
      > Texans United of Houston & Austin (Jim Baldauf, 512-517-2663,
      > jfbaldauf@p... )
      > Post Carbon Institute of Vancouver, B.C. (Julian Darley, 604-708-
      > julian@g... )
      > Public Meetings & Panel Discussions
      > Houston, June 23, 7-9 pm, Emerson Unitarian Church, 1900 Bering Dr.,
      > S.W. Houston
      > Austin, June 24,10:30 am-1:30 pm, Austin Convention Center, 500
      > Chavez St., Rm. 17-A
      > Austin, June 24, 7-9 pm, AFL-CIO Building, 11th at Lavaca
      > Author Richard Heinberg and a Panel of Energy Activists
      > Discuss Peak & Decline of Oil & Gas Production
      > The Book
      > "The Party's Over- Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies"
      > Experts Warn of Impending Peak of World Oil Production
      > Paris Depletion Conference Confirms Peak of World Oil & N. American
      > Natural Gas
      > Demand-Supply Gap Can't be Filled by Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Solar or
      > Houston & Austin, Texas- Author Richard Heinberg will discuss his
      > book, and a panel of energy activists and and environmentalists will
      > discuss the impact of new findings by international oil and gas
      > The annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil
      > just concluded in Paris, featured Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Kenneth
      > Deffeyes, Houston's Mathew Simmons, and French energy analyst Jean
      > Laherrere, who confirmed the peak and decline of global crude oil
      > production, and the peak of natural gas production throughout North
      > America. They also confirmed that hydrogen, solar, wind, and other
      > alternative energy sources will not be able to fill the looming
      > demand-supply gap that faces the planet. The implications for the
      > present- and for the next five or ten years- will be profound.
      > Panelists Include: Journalist/Philosopher Julian Darley, just
      > from the Paris ASPO conference, who will present the latest
      findings of
      > the experts and the warnings signaled by North American natural gas
      > and decline; Rahul Mahajan, a physicist and anti-war activist, who
      > the Green Party's candidate for Texas Governor in 2000; Mark
      > of Local Energy, an engineer developing a local energy system for
      > Fe, N.M.; Andrew Bowman, founder of Renewable Generation, who
      > development of the largest wind power project in the world, the 280
      > Kin Mountain Clean Energy Center, in Texas; and Austin oil man and
      > environmentalists Jim Baldauf, who will discuss avenues of citizen
      > action to address the imminent supply-demand gap.
      > Heinberg and other the experts believe that crude oil production
      > soon peak- or has already peaked- and will decline each year forever
      > after, never to rise again, while demand continues to increase along
      > with population and development. They note that an Executive V.P.
      > Director of Exxon Mobil admitted last year that oil discoveries
      > in the 1960s, and that 95% of world oil reserves have already been
      > discovered. Without new discoveries, new production is impossible.
      > The experts stress that this is not a rerun of the temporary
      > caused by political embargoes in the 1970s: this time there are
      > no more big Alaskan or North Sea or Russian oil fields to be found.
      > time only Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait might be able to increase
      > production substantially-- for a few more years. There is no real or
      > timely substitute for oil. No fuel cell, windmill or solar panel fix
      > will suffice to fill the gap. Hydrogen is an energy carrier, not an
      > energy source, and it's a net energy loser. More oil and natural gas
      > input is required to make hydrogen and fuel cells than the output
      > yield. Work on renewable energy sources is decades behind, and will
      > be able to cover the imminent energy gap.
      > The implications of these findings will affect all aspects of modern
      > life. Oil and gas shortages and price spikes are occurring right
      > Without increased oil production, domestic and international
      > growth will stop and then decline. Food prices will rise too. Every
      > aspect of food production and distribution- from fertilizer and
      > pesticides to packaging and transportation- is now completely
      > on cheap oil. The days of endless suburban sprawl, built on cheap
      > and the car culture, are coming to an end. According to many
      > the Oil Age is almost over, and the socio-economic-political impacts
      > will be profound.
      > The lectures and panel discussions will discuss planned responses
      at all
      > levels of society, including the formation of a Citizens' Committee
      > Peak & Decline to help the experts announce their warnings and plan
      > citizen actions to redevelop local economies and prepare for a
      > post-hydrocarbon age.
      > Sources and References
      > www.oilcrisis.com - See Campbell, Deffeyes, Laherrere
      > www.simmonsco-intl.com - See Mathew Simmons Speeches and Papers
      > www.dieoff.org - Vast Bibliography and Link Collection
      > www.museletter.com - Richard Heinberg's Website
      > www.globalpublicmedia.com - Julian Darley's Website on Petroleum
      > and Decline

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