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  • Ewert, Mike
    Since our next meeting is not until May 28th, we are going to try to do some organizing over the Internet. I ll start by giving this status report. At the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2000
      Since our next meeting is not until May 28th, we are going to try to do some
      organizing over the Internet. I'll start by giving this status report. At
      the end, I have included some history and other information especially for
      the new members, but it may be of interest to all.

      We are up to 39 members!

      We had a second great year at the Earth Day Festival and we are looking
      forward to other big events this year - especially the Renewable Energy
      Roundup in the fall.

      We have a good speaker lined up for our May meeting, elections and lots to
      talk about, so I am hopeful that we will have a good turn out.

      The current nominations for officers for next year (starting in June) are:
      President - Jonathan Clemens
      Vice President - Oral LaFleur
      Secretary/treasurer - James Ferrill
      Unless we receive some other nominations by May 15th, our election on May
      28th will be a formality.

      You saw the results of the poll about why we don't have better attendance at
      meetings. The reasons varied, but the only thing I could see that we can do
      is to try and plan interesting meetings and of course recruit new members.
      Maybe later in the year we can take a poll about an alternate meeting time,
      but I'm sure we will never be able to please everyone.

      If anyone would like to start a discussion thread on the eGroup about topics
      for future meetings, Roundup or any other subject, go right ahead.

      Our current funds are $417 and are held by the Texas Solar Energy Society.

      History and general information:
      HREG formed as a grass roots organization at the beginning of 1999 and grew
      and became better defined throughout the year. Charles Mauch was the first
      president with Mike Ewert taking over in July. In November we were
      recognized as the official local chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society
      (TXSES) and Jonathan Clemens was named our representative to the board.

      Attached is the Statement of Organization that we adopted last year.
      Also attached is an old e-mail (HREG Summary) which tells some of the things
      which have been discussed for the group.

      Our e-Group web site is http://www.egroups.com/group/hreg/
      Our public web site is http://www.txses.org/hreg/HREGhome.htm
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