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RE: [hreg] And speaking of Green Mountain...

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  • Michael Christie
    Charlie, Please include me in this list. I am very interested in what GM has to say. Thank you Michael Christie mchristi@fbtc.net ... From: chasmauch@aol.com
    Message 1 of 11 , May 16, 2003
      Please include me in this list. I am very interested in what GM has to say.
      Thank you
      Michael Christie
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      Subject: Re: [hreg] And speaking of Green Mountain...

      Apparently Mr. Brian Killkelley, a Green Mountain representative, is on this listserv, and sent me an email (copied below) in which he offered to meet with us and respond to any questions we may have. I appreciate this offer and would like to carry forward with it.

      However, it occurs to me that maybe we would not need to meet, at least initially. We could start by preparing and submitting a list of questions to him in advance, and then if there are some items we want more information on we can submit them again. It may be that we can find out most of what we need to know this way, or at least get the comparatively minor stuff out of the way and deal with any major sticking points at a meeting.

      As he says, I'm sure they have been asked about the "boycott GM" website hundreds of time and if I were them I would have prepared a list of responses to every item on that list. Naturally they would not normally bring it up when talking to a prospective customer but if someone asked, they should be able to just whip out a handy little report and say "here it is." 

      If it is OK with everyone I will prepare a preliminary draft of an email to GM (possibly by tomorrow, maybe Saturday) with some of my questions and pass it on to you all, who can than add or clarify anything further that may be needed. Once we have most of our concerns listed, we can forward it to Brian and he can respond to all of us who might be interested.

      It would probably be better at this point to take this thread off this list before we start getting complaints and send it only to interested individuals. So far I think we have Robert, Randy, and Mike. If anyone else wants to be included please let me know. Maybe we can settle this once and for all, one way or the other. I think we need to give it a shot.

      Mr. Mauch,
      We've addressed the (now very old) issues brought up on the boycott site in Houston and elsewhere many times over.  But we'd be happy to discuss them with you or other HREG members who have concerns or are interested in clarification.  Feel free to call me at the number below, or Tom Rawls, our Environmental VP; his number is 802-846-2560 x6154.
      Brian KillKelley
      Director, Renewable Development
      Green Mountain Energy Company
      75 Green Mountain Drive
      S Burlington, VT  05403
      (802) 846-2560 x6113
      FAX: (802) 846-2561

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