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  • Mike Ewert
    Happy Earth Day! I m sorry that we have been a slow on following up on our first meeting of 2003. Before we knew it, Earth Day season was upon us. Our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2003
      Happy Earth Day!
      I'm sorry that we have been a slow on following up on our first meeting of 2003.  Before we knew it, Earth Day season was upon us.  Our January meeting was a planning meeting and we were please with the turn out.  2003 promises to be a great year for HREG!
      Minutes of the meeting, courtesy of our secretary/treasurer, James Ferrill, can be found below.  Please let us know if there are any corrections.
      Our Earth Day activities have gone well.  We will have reports at our meeting Sunday (agenda to follow).  And we will post pictures on our website as soon as possible.  But, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who volunteered.  Many thanks to:
      April 5 - Woodlands
      Kathryn Houser
      John Gardner
      Claude Foster
      April 17 - North Harris County College
      Eli Loya
      Joyce Lattimore
      April 19 - Rice
      Chris B.
      Mike E.
      John G.
      Nubia P.
      Pat S.
      Joyce Lattimore and students from TSU had a booth too.
      April 22 - United Space Alliance
      Mike Ewert
      Rob Rowland
      If I missed anyone, I am very sorry.
       HREG Meeting Minutes for 01/26/03


      Mike Ewert, Charles Mauch, James Ferrill, Robert Warburton, Greg Carrier, John Gardner, Ward Davis, Chris Boyer, Bill Derebery, Feliciano Olivero, Claude Foster, Doug LaGrone, Richard Morrison, Joyce Lattimore, Fernando Perez

      Agenda: See HREG posted version or email

      Member reports and announcements

      Robert Warburton: Junior college in 4-corners area of New Mexico, etc. regarding renewable education
      Greg Carrier: Rode in on a Segway personal transporter. Solar home in Bellaire recently completed.
      James Ferrill: Budget report, WattsUp available.
      Charles Mauch: No new projects.
      John Gardner: TXSES rep.
        Had meeting yesterday in Austin. Feb 24-28th meeting with legisislative reps.
        Mar 3-6th at GRB local event.
        Earth Day at Rice and Woodlands.
        May 18-21st: Austin wind energy convention.
        More to come in electronic form in a few weeks. Sep 26-28 Roundup in Fredericksburg.
      Ward Davis: Saw us in Prius yahoogroup. Has been to several roundups.
      Chris Boyer: Converted riding lawn mower to electric drive.
      Bill Deerberry: Corporate financing.
      Felicino Guerrero: Wind energy generation is increasing 5-10% per year. No new projects.
       Claud  Foster: EE. Pioneer Power company. Built electric car while at Berkeley. Alaska has more sun than Houston. Focusing on solar power projects.
      Doug: SW rep for Kyocera Solar.
      Richard Morris: Oil and Gas industry.
      Joyce Latimore: On staff at TSU.
      Fernando : Working on Space Station program. From Clear Lake.
      Mike Ewert: Shared info on history of ASES formation from his files. Solicited donations for solar project for orphanage in Kenya.

      Other items:

      Election of new officers. New VP: Chris  Boyer 
      Others stayed the same. 
      Multiple Earth Days this year.
        Rice Earth Day: Apr 19th.
        Woodlands Earth Day: Apr 5th.
      Rice Earth Day: Funds approved for 10x10 tent and chairs for Rice Earth Day. (82$ ??)
      Talked about lawn mowing and vendors for such a project.
      Mike has 30 solar car kits for use if needed for a school.
      Discussion of solar ovens and use at Earth Day.
      Talked about availability of speakers for future HREG events and meetings. Doug offered to be a speaker.
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