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Re: [hreg] $$$$$

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  • Kathryn Houser
    sounds fine! Kathryn
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2000
      sounds fine!

      ChasMauch@... wrote:

      > Kathryn,
      > Received the $250 check from KRBE yesterday. It's made out to:
      > Texas Solar Energy Society
      > Attn: Charles Mauch
      > I assume I should endorse it the same way followed by "for deposit only".
      > Also the address I have for you is:
      > PO Box 1447
      > Austin, TX 78767-1447
      > Does all that sound right? Please confirm and/or correct and I will mail it
      > today. Thanks for being our banker and working with us on this.
      > Charlie Mauch
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