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I'm new, you're renewable

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  • louies@hypercon.com
    Hello, everyone. My name is Louie Saletan. I am very happy to have found all of you, whoever you are (we haven t yet met). I ran into Jonathan Clemens at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2000
      Hello, everyone. My name is Louie Saletan. I am very happy to have
      found all of you, whoever you are (we haven't yet met). I ran into
      Jonathan Clemens at the Dallas rail presentation last night, and
      learned about HREG.

      Briefly about myself...I am 31 years old, a native Houstonian who
      age 18-28 spent a good chunk of time elsewhere (Iowa, Russia,
      Colorado). I returned to Houston 3 years ago to be with my
      girlfriend, a choreographer with a modern dance troupe (I, too, am a
      dancer). Together we have recently started our own 501(c)(3)
      nonprofit organization, Suchu, Inc., home to Suchu Dance, the dance
      troupe, and Suchu Planet, the environmental outreach wing which will
      work on resource efficiency/renewable energy issues. Hmmm... sounds
      like some overlap with HREG.... well, we'll find a way to complement
      one another.

      Having spent these last 3 years back in Houston with my head in the
      sand working on things only dance-related, I am ready to scan the
      radar and see what other organizations in Houston are doing
      environmentally. And so last night I stumbled upon HREG, which I am
      eager to become active in.

      My personal experience with renewables/energy issues which is most
      relevant to HREG is varied... in college, where my major was Russian,
      I minored in "technology studies", focusing on renewables, doing a
      summer internship at the Florida Solar Energy Center. Skipping over
      some time spent in Russia that was dance-related, from 1994-1996 I
      lived in western Colorado, taking all the classes offered at Solar
      Energy International, later working for SEI in an administrative
      capacity. From 1995-1996 I worked in the communications/outreach
      department down the road at Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org),
      the energy efficiency think tank that started the ball rolling, in
      many respects (Amory and Hunter Lovins, founders). In 1996 I hooked
      up with a local straw-bale house builder from Colorado, and together
      we got a grant to go to Belarus to do a 2-week, hands-on straw-bale
      construction project for 16 participants. Then in late 1996 I moved
      back to Houston, and have done virtually nothing resource/renewable
      related since then. That is about to come to a stop!

      I am not so much the type who thrills to assembling PV systems, not
      the technical-minded "nuts and bolts" (literally) type, though I do
      enjoy understanding the science/math aspects of it. I am more the
      organizing and creative type who likes to work on "how do we get what
      we all know in front of people who never think about these things"...
      These last few years spent focusing on my girlfriend's dance group,
      I've gained tons of experience organizing, doing desktop publishing,
      promoting, applying for grants, etc. That's more the kind of thing I
      might be able to bring to HREG. And I love to brainstorm, to dream up
      billboard ads that could effectively begin to change the minds of

      Blah, blah, blah... there's time enough to learn more about each
      other. I am eager to meet all of you at the next meeting (is the
      April Roundup-planning meeting going to happen, or do we wait
      until May?)and learn what your organization's focus is and who are
      people behind it.

      Two final thoughts...

      1) The Alliance to Save Energy newsletter about which Jonathan
      posted something included mention of a May 17-19 National Assoc. of
      Energy Service Companies conference in Houston.. I went to the NAESCO
      web page (http://www.naesco.org/conf16.5_sched.htm) and learned of
      conference agenda... some interesting stuff..... maybe HREG should
      think of whether it has a role in this event, and whether any HREG
      members might be able to persuade NAESCO to give us passes, if only
      a mind-broadening experience....
      2) I am apparently one of only 17 members of Solar Cookers
      International in the Houston area, and therefore received a letter
      from fellow member and fellow Houstonian Mark Cotham (is he perchance
      a member of HREG?). Mark is trying to start a solar cookers'
      enthusiasts group here in Houston, hoping to tie in to Houston's
      geographical/international connections to the energy industry, NASA,
      the South and Central American and African developing world (where
      solar cooking is needed most), etc. Mark may be reached at
      cothammark@.... He is hoping to have a first meeting of this
      group in May, and why not think about concentrating Mark's rays of
      energy within the scope of HREG, so as not to make all our renewable
      energies so diffuse?? (wink, wink)

      wow, I've written way too much. Sorry.

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