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March meeting minutes/ Earth Day

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  • Ewert, Mike
    March 26th, 2000 meeting minutes Attendees: Mike Ewert, Charles Mauch, James Ferrill, Oral LaFleur, Diane Clemens, Jonathan Clemens A few members made it out
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      March 26th, 2000 meeting minutes

      Attendees: Mike Ewert, Charles Mauch, James Ferrill, Oral LaFleur, Diane
      Clemens, Jonathan Clemens

      A few members made it out the Pollution Solutions tour and said that it was
      very good. (see www.hotearth.net for details).

      Mike Ewert agreed to take a poll about what the main reasons are that we do
      not have higher attendance at our bi-monthly meetings.
      I have created an anonymous poll on our eGroup. Please go to
      www.egroups.com/polls/hreg and register your vote(s). I will close it in
      about a week and we will all receive the results.

      We approved an increase from $150 to $200 for the solar go-cart project at
      Seabrook Intermediate. Mike Ewert reported that the project was going well
      and the car would be ready for earth day.

      Charles Mauch reported that the Citizen's Environment Coalition (CEC) board
      would meet on 4/4 and should approve HREG membership at that time.

      We agreed that all should check our membership list on the eGroup and look
      for missing members.

      HREG elections were discussed. An election will be held at our next regular
      meeting on May 28th. We agreed on 3 formally elected positions (I guess
      annually): President, VP, and secretary/treasurer. We also plan have less
      formal 'point of contact' positions for as long as people are willing to do
      The following nominations were made for officers:
      President - Jonathan Clemens
      Vice president - Oral LaFleur
      Secretary/treasurer - James Ferrill
      Additional nominations will be accepted by e-mail to me (mike.ewert@...)
      or to the group (HREG@egroups.com) until the end of April.
      Current points of contact are:
      Charles Mauch for CEC
      Gary Ashcraft for Science and Engineering Council of Houston
      James Ferrill for Home Power magazine
      Mike Ewert volunteered for Education at this meeting

      We discussed future meetings. Mike will invite Leonard Bachman to speak at
      the May meeting on 'Passive solar and energy efficient homes in Houston'.
      Other ideas for future meetings were Dr. Hill or Oral to speak about TSU's
      summer workshop for high school students on Renewable Energy and
      Environmental Protection (REEP) and George Bundee, the sustainability
      officer for UT Health Science Center.

      Other ideas for action are to meet with HISD or other groups who could
      implement solar projects. We should apply for Grants for solar demos.
      around town. One possibility is a grant that Enron gave at Earth Day
      (actually 4 grants for $2000 each I think).

      Don't forget about www.renewableenergyroundup.com. We are committed for some
      volunteers and Jonathan would like us to do a workshop. Be thinking of a

      Report from Earth Day (April 1st):
      Oral L., Charles M., James F., Alan Chang and Mike E. were there. We never
      got either rain or sun although it looked like we could get either. We had
      a nice display! Go-cart, bubble machine, small water heater, windmill,
      small car - all solar powered of course. The go-cart and bubble machine had
      batteries so could run even without the sun. Thousands walked by and
      looked; hundreds stopped by to talk; and we collected more than a dozen
      names and will contact them about joining the group. People seemed very
      interested! We won't know for a while if we won a prize if it is like last
      year. I'll bring pictures to our next meeting.

      Budget Report:
      Earth Day 1999 Prize +$500
      Earth Day 1999 expenses (bubble machine) $25
      CEC membership $50
      Houston Science and Engineering Council $25?
      (approved but not paid)
      Solar go-cart materials for Seabrook Inter. $200
      Earth Day 2000 expenses (bubble machine) $32.47
      P.O. Box, banner (donated by Jonathan) $0
      Balance $167.53
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