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  • Mike Ewert
    Sunday October 27th we had a very good HREG meeting. Some old regulars couldn t make it, but we had a good crowd of new regulars. There were 19 in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      Sunday October 27th we had a very good HREG meeting. Some "old" regulars
      couldn't make it, but we had a good crowd of "new" regulars. There were 19
      in attendance. Mike Ewert introduced the topic of renewable energy in
      developing countries by pointing out that whether you want to help those
      less fortunate or you just want to protect your own environment from the
      effects of global warming, it makes sense to promote renewable energy in
      developing countries. Carol Hidinger, from Cherish Our Children
      (http://cherishourchildren.org/), told a little bit about the orphanage the
      group operates in Kenya. Johan Niehaus, from Southwest PV
      (http://www.southwestpv.com/), then showed us how a PV system would be
      designed and sized for the orphanage. You will hear more about this project
      on the eGroup as it progresses.

      John Gardner, our representative to the TXSES board, gave a brief report
      from the TXSES meeting. The main news was that the Roundup attendance was
      down 25% and revenues were down 50%.

      Once again, I would like to thank our guest presenters!

      Since we had limited time for a business meeting, please note the items

      HREG Recent Events - Robert Warburton manned a booth at the Bonnie Raait
      concert (Thanks Robert!). Mike Ewert spoke at a Green Building Council LEED
      training session in Houston and at NASA's Safety & Total Health Day.
      Literature was also handed out by Mike, Dave Hanson and Mike Lawson at the
      NASA Safety event. The Solar Power-Up model solar car project was just
      completed for the 8th year in a row at Ed White Elementary School and the
      Seabrook Intermediate Solar Cart was displayed at the World Space Congress.

      There was no treasurer's report.

      If anyone would like to help with formatting and printing HREG business
      cards and brochures from home, please e-mail mewert@....

      We will hold elections in January at our meeting. Nominees thus far are:
      President - Mike Ewert
      Vice-president - Chris Boyer
      Secretary/Treasurer - James Ferrill
      Education (appointed, not elected position) - Lee Willis
      Any others?

      To any veterans out there, thank you!
      And have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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