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Re: [hreg] Houston Sustainability Conference 2002

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  • Robert Bruce Warburton
    There was an article in the American Spectator written in the May/June 2002 edition called Use the Force Oil s too political. Coal s too dirty. Solar, wind,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13, 2002
      There was an article in the American Spectator written in the May/June 2002
      edition called "Use the Force Oil's too political. Coal's too dirty. Solar,
      wind, hydro-they're all just green dreams. Hydrogen is lovely stuff, but it
      takes energy to make it. It's time Americans learn to stop worrying and love
      nuclear power." I know the Spectator is pretty far to the right, but from their
      information an argument could be made for renewables. They made a mistake by
      comparing Vermont to California. Vermont is the least urbanized state in the
      nation and one of the least populated as well. Secondly, Vermont, even in
      percentage terms, has not grown anywhere near as fast as California from the
      1980s on. The article mentions Amory Lovins' Soft Energy Path book. Since
      Lovins is going to be one of the speakers on Tuesday at the School of Public
      Health in Houston, it might be beneficial to read the article. Obviously the
      article is incredibly bias toward nuclear fission, but they make the point that
      we have to move away from oil as well.

      Brian Herod wrote:

      > Hello everyone,
      > I'm new to this group, but would like to take the time to invite everyone
      > to the Houston Sustainability Conference 2002. It's a day long conference
      > that promises to be exciting and challenging for all the
      > participants. I've included information about the event below. You can
      > register at http://www.evite.com/myth@.../sustainable . If you
      > have any questions, let me know.
      > thanks,
      > Brian Herod
      > 713-480-6303
      > myth@...
      > Houston Sustainability Conference 2002
      > Join a diverse slice of Houston's many communities to discuss and define
      > sustainability and plan ways to encourage it in Houston. Topics include:
      > local economics, globalization, ecology/environment, business
      > practices/development, peace and social justice, health/healing, community,
      > personal growth, and spirituality. Bring your opinions, facts, passion, and
      > stewardship to this one day conference. Throughout the day, we will break
      > out into small groups to cover topics of shared interest.
      > When: Oct. 5, 2002 9 am to 6 pm
      > Where: Grace Lutheran Church, 2515 Waugh at Missouri
      > This event is organized by Houston Sustainability Network.
      > How much: $5-$10 donation to pay for the facilities
      > Lunch: bring food to share or eat out.
      > Space is limited to 75 participants.
      > To register: http://www.evite.com/myth@.../sustainable or
      > contact Brian Herod at myth@... or 713-480-6303
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