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Re: [hreg] Volunteerism

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  • Robert Bruce Warburton
    I will have to check with my boss to see if they will have a shift on Monday. If there is no shift on Monday, then everyone will be scheduled to work on
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 27, 2002
      I will have to check with my boss to see if they will have a shift on Monday. If
      there is no shift on Monday, then everyone will be scheduled to work on Tuesday,
      Wednesday, and Thursday of that week. If they will have a shift on Labor Day and
      I work that day, I can ask for September 3rd off. I assume we are talking about
      working in the evenings? As for the Roundup, my mother is scheduled to go in for
      surgery on the 23rd and I will start at the Texas Renaissance Festival on the
      28th, so it will not be possible for me take off from the 20-22.
      Robert Warburton

      Mike Ewert wrote:

      > I am going to ask each of you to resolve to volunteer for at least one thing
      > to help HREG in the next year - call it the school year for reference, since
      > it is that time of year. We have over 200 members, so imagine what that
      > would mean! On the other hand, if only 2 or 3 of us try to get things done,
      > then :(
      > At the moment we have quite a few opportunities, and I will also list
      > several that you can do at your convenience. So, please e-mail me
      > (mewert@...) when you can help. Thank you very much.
      > HREG Volunteer Opportunities
      > HREG Officers: We are currently without a vice-president. We also plan to
      > have elections at our January meeting for next year's officers (President,
      > v.p., sec./treas. & TXSES board rep.).
      > Roundup: Sept. 20-22 any day, Help out in Fredricksburg. See attached
      > message for details on how to sign up and please let me know if you do.
      > Bonnie Raitt concert: Afternoon/evening Sept. 3rd. Country music fans this
      > one's for you. Or maybe someone who lives on the north side of town. See
      > details at the end of this message.
      > Solar Cars: We own 25 solar model car kits that can be borrowed to do
      > educational projects with schools (4th - 9th grade recommended) or other
      > youth groups. If you would like to initiate a project with a group, talk to
      > me for details.
      > Answer HREG e-mail: e-mail sent to hreg@... through our website has to
      > be answered by someone. You can do this from home, but you should have a
      > little renewable energy knowledge (you can always ask for help) and good
      > judgment to field the variety of e-mail we get [only a few per week].
      > Earth Share: Please join us for an Earth Share of Texas campaign workshop
      > from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 12 in the upstairs CEC board
      > room at the Houston Environmental Center, 3015 Richmond. This is your
      > chance to learn or get refresher tips about boothsmithing and making
      > campaign presentations for your organization and Earth Share of Texas.
      > Thank you,
      > Mike Ewert
      > HREG President
      > mewert@...
      > ______________________________________________________________
      > Bonnie Raitt details:
      > I now have the details for volunteering and need confirmation of your
      > commitment or not because they require a list of names to get passes. They
      > would like 4-6 in Houston, so if you know of others please tell me
      > immediately.
      > Woodlands, TX
      > Date: Tuesday, Sept. 3rd
      > Venue: Cynthia Woods Pavilion
      > Address: 2005 Lake Robbins Dr., Woodlands, TX
      > Arrival Time: 4:30 p.m.
      > Parking Instructions: no special parking privileges
      > Go to the Backstage Gate, located outside the Woodfest Bank Lounge. Ask
      > for
      > Chester who'll have the list of volunteers and will issue your passes.
      > Find
      > the Green Highway exhibit area. Sara Bennett is the event coordinator
      > and
      > the person you should seek out with questions or problems.
      > The public gates open at 5:30, so that is why the early arrival time is
      > required. Volunteers have to be checked in and at the booth before the
      > gates
      > open. If this information changes your ability to volunteer, I understand.
      > Please let me know directly one way or the other, though, and if you want to
      > bring a friend/partner/spouse along it would be fine. I will need exact
      > names
      > for everyone so they get passes.
      > Whoever does this, Kathryn will need a shipping address to send you the
      > brochures
      > about the Roundup and TXSES brochures to pass out.
      > Bonnie Raitt for years has been a huge advocate and supporter of
      > environmental causes. Through her advocacy she has embraced alternative
      > energy sources as well as environmental consciousness. This year she has
      > extended a very limited opportunity to appropriate companies to participate
      > in her upcoming tour with Lyle Lovitt.
      > The theme 'Green Highway Tour' represents the values of the tour in respect
      > to hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel sources and environmental
      > responsibility in a world desperately in need of it. Within the tour there
      > will be a breeze way or pavilion that concert goers will be required to walk
      > through on their way to enjoy the concert. Here's where you come in: ASES
      > is part of this and we need 4-6 people at each concert to help staff the
      > ASES booth. Each will receive a pass for entrance to the concert. We will
      > attempt to promote new ASES members and SOLAR TODAY subscribers from this
      > effort.
      > The rules are simple, we must try and have one person at the booth at all
      > times – prior to the show, at intermission and after the show it should be
      > staffed with up to four folks. For those locations where we are unable to
      > staff the booth, the tour says they can provide one volunteer . Once the
      > show is over, the tour crew will box up the display, load it on the tour
      > truck and take it to the next venue.
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    • sandy4999@aol.com
      Please take me off your subscription and email list. Sandy4999@aol.com
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 22, 2002
        Please take me off your subscription and email list.
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