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RE: [hreg] RE: Renewable Energy Night in Houston

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  • Mike Ewert
    The meeting last night was good and several HREG members were there. Some information was shared, but most of us already knew the many benefits of renewable
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 21, 2002
      The meeting last night was good and several HREG members were there. Some
      information was shared, but most of us already knew the many benefits of
      renewable energy. Mainly it was a political action meeting to talk about
      and initiate the best ways to lobby for the national renewable energy
      standard, which is basically a quota for 10% from renewables by 2020. The
      Senate passed this in April in their energy bill (HR4), but the House has no
      such thing. So they will hash it out in September. Tom Delay and others
      from Texas are on the conference committee.

      Texas has a successful Renewables standard already that has led to the major
      wind development in west Texas. So, a national standard would be good for
      the nation and Texas in particular. Mark brought up the problem of limited
      transmission lines from west Texas to other states (and back to our cities).
      That was mentioned at the meeting. New transmission lines seem to be the
      only solution there, so the 2 things must go together.

      After I have looked at the material they gave us, I may be able to add more.
      Or maybe someone else who was there can summarize. In the mean time look at
      the Union of Concerned Scientist's web site for yourself and let Congress
      know that we support renewable energy!

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      From: Mike Ewert [mailto:mewert@...]
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      I am planning to go to this meeting Tuesday. I found out that the speakers
      will be
      Peter Altman - SEED
      Debra Duncan - Union of Concerned Scientists

      Also, here is additional information from Nan Hildreth:
      Although it doesn't make it very clear, the purpose of Tuesday event is to
      explain the wind power legislation. It would expand Texas law requiring a
      renewable component in electricity to the nation. Texas stands to profit
      from it as a wind power exporter. DeLay is on a key subcommittee about
      this regulation.

      Renewable energy is reducing pollution and creating jobs all over Texas.
      Thanks to the 1999 Texas Legislature, utility companies in Texas are
      required to get some of their power from clean, renewable sources like wind
      and solar energy.

      Right now Congress is in recess, but when they get back to Washington next
      month, they will consider legislation to boost renewable energy use all over
      the U.S. with the same kinds of policies that have worked here in Texas.
      Boosting renewable energy use in other states spells economic benefit for
      Texas, because our state is a leader in renewable energy resources.
      What kinds of renewable energy are there in Texas?
      Exactly what kind of jobs do renewables create?
      How can Texans start powering their homes, churches and offices with clean,
      renewable energy?
      Find out the answers to these and all your other renewable energy questions


      East Texas/Longview - Thursday, August 22
      7:00 PM North East Texas Group of the Sierra Club
      Northwood Baptist Church 3900 Tyron Road (1.2 miles North of Loop 281)

      Houston - Tuesday, August 20, 2002
      7:30 PM Community of the Servant-Savior, 11303 Hughes Rd.

      Dallas/Ft. Worth - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 _
      7:00 PM La Calle Dolce,1925 Skillman (at Skillman and Live Oak)

      Lubbock/Amarillo - Thursday, August 22, 2002
      7:00 PM Covenant Presbyterian Church 4600 48th St. Lubbock

      For more information, contact Texas Impact at 512.472.3903, or email us at

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      From: Mike Ewert [mailto:mewert@...]
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      To: HREG
      Subject: Renewable Energy Night in Houston

      The SEED coalition (Sustainable Energy and Economic Development) and experts
      from the Union of Concerned Scientists will present:
      Renewable Energy Night
      Tuesday August 20, 2002
      Community of the Servant-Savior
      11303 Hughes Rd.
      Houston, TX

      The presentation will focus on the economic benefits of clean energy for
      Texas. Similar events will be held in Dallas, Longview and Lubbock.

      For more information about the sponsoring organization, see
      www.seedcoalition.org and www.cooltexas.net

      It would be great to have a large HREG turn out at this event to learn and
      to meet others working toward a brighter energy future!

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