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[Fwd: [biofuel] "Fire sale" on forklift batteries - use for electric vehicle,

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  • Kim & Garth Travis
    Hi, is anyone else interested in these batteries? My husband and I would like to get one, but it would be great if we could get the discount for ordering 2.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2002
      Hi, is anyone else interested in these batteries? My husband and I
      would like to get one, but it would be great if we could get the
      discount for ordering 2. I am a member of the biofuels list so there is
      an additional 5% off the $1300. Please reply off list.

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      Subject: [biofuel] "Fire sale" on forklift batteries - use for electric
      vehicle, photovoltaic & other home power apps
      Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:44:05 +0900
      From: Christopher Witmer <cdwitmer@...>
      Reply-To: biofuel@yahoogroups.com
      To: Christopher Witmer <cdwitmer@...>

      I found such a great one-time deal on some truly awesome batteries that
      I wanted to share it with others who might be able to benefit.

      EPIK Communications, a communications company based in Ft. Lauderdale,
      Florida, has to sell 130 forklift batteries during the next 50 days,
      since the building the batteries are stored in has been sold. (The
      batteries were purchased for a construction project that got cancelled.)
      As a result, these extraordinary batteries are now being sold for about
      90% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

      Anyone mentioning that they heard about this sale through the "Biofuel
      Mailing List" gets an additional 5% discount off the items they
      purchase. (That is, 5% off the price of the purchased items -- not 5%
      off any taxes or shipping charges that might apply. There is, however,
      an additional $500 off of shipping charges when two or more batteries
      are purchased -- more about that below.)

      (By the way, Mr. Keith Addision, the owner of the Biofuel Mailing List,
      gets no remuneration from any of this. Thanks, Keith, for graciously
      allowing this information to be shared with the list.)

      What does one do with a 6,600 lb. forklift battery? (The weight is, of
      course, from the lead they use. They take up less space than one might
      imagine.) Well, you might use them in:

      * an electric vehicle (the "battery" actually consists of smaller
      batteries connected together; one string could be broken up to produce
      enough batteries for multiple EVs)

      * an emergency backup power system (these batteries lose their charge
      much more slowly than conventional batteries)

      * an "off grid" or "intertied" home power system (batteries are usually
      the single most expensive component of off-grid systems; given the
      government subsidies available for certain types of "green" power -- I
      think in California it is something like $4.50 per watt for photovoltaic
      -- some people might come out way ahead financially thanks to these
      cheap batteries)

      * a forklift :-)

      These batteries can be readily configured either as 48V or as 24V batteries.

      All the information below was provided by the seller. Two reminders: 1)
      The seller of course welcomes inquiries, but, as mentioned below,
      requests for shipping quotes should not be directed to the seller.
      Instead, either contact the shipper listed below, or any other shipper
      you might prefer to use. 2) Don't forget to mention the Biofuel Mailing
      List for your additional 5% discount!

      Best regards,

      Christopher Witmer

      * * * * * * * (Information Provided by Seller) * * * * * * * *

      Hawker PowerSafe 6VM-1500 48 volt DC battery string providing 1500Ah of
      battery backup at 48 Volts DC (48VDC). These batteries have a retail
      value of over $12,000 per string and are now reduced to only $1300!
      These batteries were manufactured between October, 2000 and March, 2001
      and have been charged for maintenance per the manufacturers
      recommendations. These batteries have never been deployed to a site nor
      cycled through a deep discharge so are as good as new! The life
      expectancy of these batteries is 20 years. These are maintenance free
      valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries with a voltage of 2V per cell, 6V
      per module, and stacked 8 modules high to obtain 48V. The overall
      dimensions for the battery stack are 45.2"L x 18.3"W x 87.2"H with a
      total weight of 6,600lbs.

      All technical documentation can be found at:

      Other batteries from the same date of manufacture were tested on
      3-26-02. A load test was performed with 200 Amp load to 1.75V/cell. The
      battery discharge took 519 minutes or 8 hours 39 minutes. This equates
      to 1730 A-Hr for the battery string. Hawker specifications on the
      battery are: 1500 A-Hr battery, discharge @ 190 Amp for 8 hours to 1.75V
      per cell or 42.00 V string voltage for 1520 A-Hr. The test indicates
      that the batteries exceed specifications by 210 A-Hr, or 13.8%. These
      batteries can also be split into two 24V strings by ordering a 24V
      accessory kit directly from the manufacturer. In 24 volt configurations
      these batteries are also great for solar applications!

      If you purchase two strings of batteries between 8/12/02 and 8/30/02,
      we'll give you a $500 credit towards shipping charges! This offer
      applies to every 2 strings purchased!

      We use Consolidated Freightways exclusively for our battery shipments.
      Consolidated can be reached at 800-543-9942. If you wish to estimate
      shipping charges, you may contact Consolidated directly. Information you
      will need to obtain a shipping quote is as follows:

      Contents (per each string)
      4 CRATES 4' x 2' x 2'
      1 CRATE 3' x 2' x 1'
      Total of 5 CRATES weighing 6,700 lbs
      Class 60, Stackable

      Pickup Location:
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL Zip Code 33311
      We will load the batteries on the truck at a loading dock

      Destination Location:
      You must provide the following details:
      Destination Zip Code
      Dock delivery (you unload at a loading dock or with a forklift)
      Inside delivery (driver unloads and brings a liftgate truck, typically
      $800 additional fee)

      If you elect to purchase, we will gladly arrange the shipping and add
      the shipping charges to the purchase invoice.

      Payment accepted via cashier's check or business wire only, and buyer to
      pay actual shipping costs by preferred shipment method and 6% sales tax
      if shipping address is within Florida or Georgia and a valid resellers
      certificate cannot be provided.

      Greg Hadlock
      VP, Network Engineering Services
      EPIK Communications
      (407) 482-8487 Office
      (407) 509-2356 Cell

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      (This message was sent by Christopher Witmer; if you have any complaints
      about the sending of this message, please address them to me at
      cdwitmer@... -- thanks!)

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