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Help make solar the CHEAPEST form of energy!!!

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  • Mark von Topel
    Hello All, My name is Mark von Topel and I am the campaign organizer for Power Shift (www.shiftpower.org). We are an organization working for clean energy to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2002
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      Hello All,

      My name is Mark von Topel and I am the campaign organizer for Power Shift
      (www.shiftpower.org). We are an organization working for clean energy to
      stop global warming. We are currently focusing on Citigroup (#1 financier
      of fossil fuel projects in the world) to start financing solar. If they
      allowed people to purchase solar systems with a long-term loan it would be
      the cheapest form of energy in the country, today! Take a look at the
      action alert below and check out www.stopciti.org to enter your zip code and
      find out how much money you can save by switching to solar. Then drop me an
      email to find out how you can help to STOP CITI!




      HELLO CITI-STOPPERS: it's time to organize this year's Citigroup campaign
      kick-off. The week of FEBRUARY 19, 2002 people around the country will be
      telling Citi, it's time to change their ways. After 60 actions in November,
      Citi knows that the public will not tolerate their destructive investments
      in fossil fuel projects, which are causing global warming. If Citi's
      turning up the heat on the planet, then let's turn up the heat on Citi!

      Global warming is threatening life on our planet. Mass species extinction,
      submersion of countries due to rising sea levels, and the spread of diseases
      are the after effects of our deadly fossil fuel addiction. As the largest
      financial institution in the world and the #1 financier of fossil fuel
      projects, Citi acts as judge, jury, and executioner in determining what gets
      funding and what does not. Citi is the largest funder of the fossil fuel
      industry which is destroying the planet by causing climate change. Citi must
      stop profiting from this deadly industry and begin financing clean forms of
      energy, such as solar. If Citi started financing solar it would be the
      cheapest form of energy, today! Citi could make money and stop the effects
      of global warming, but has decided to continue financing the fossil fuel
      chain of destruction.

      One example of Citi's destructive practices is the Camisea project. This
      gas pipeline that cuts through the Lower Urumbamba region of the Peruvian
      Amazon threatens pristine ecosystems and vibrant indigenous cultures. This
      region is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. 800
      species of birds and trees will be endangered by the construction. The very
      survival of two indigenous tribes who live in voluntary isolation is
      jeopardized by the Camisea project. The project has already proven deadly
      for the Nahua tribe. During preliminary exploration in the Camisea region,
      the Nahua were exposed to whooping cough and influenza epidemics that killed
      off an estimated 50 percent of the tribe's population.

      Citi has made a value judgment in backing the Camisea gas project. It
      weighed the value of these indigenous people and productive intact
      ecosystems against the short-term profit of fossil fuel addiction, and Citi
      reached a verdict. Illegal road construction has already begun into the
      heart of the Amazon, paving the way for further profits at the expense of
      innocent lives.

      Camisea is but one destructive project brought to you by Citigroup. From
      redlining and predatory lending, indebting people of color in our inner
      cities to Citi's participation in the OCP pipeline in Ecuador where
      activists have put their bodies on the line to save their treasured forests.
      As well as Citigroup's partnership with Enron in the contested Dabhol power
      plant in India. Citigroup lives up to its reputation as the World's Most
      Destructive Bank. Now is time to let Citi know loud and proud that we know
      they are using our savings accounts, our financial aid payments, and our
      credit card balances to finance this destruction. Go out and tell them, "Not
      with My Money!"

      Grassroots pressure is essential to stopping Citi, the survival of these
      indigenous people and ecosystems is hanging in the balance. Activists around
      the country and around the globe will go to their local Citibanks and
      perform a mock trial where Citi is the judge, jury and executioner. The only
      thing that can stop Citi? The public. So make a giant scale, and watch Citi
      try to tip the scale of justice. How can you prevent Citi from tipping
      the scales of justice in their favor. How do you do that? Close your
      Citibank accounts. Cut up your Citibank credit cards and save a Citi
      customer! Talk to folks, let them know that their money is being used to
      fund the world's most destructive bank. Other actions like call ins,
      leafleting, making mock deposits of oily water or a bag of shavings sends a
      message that can bring Citi's underhanded verdict to the light and have them
      reconsider the judgement. Citi must rule in favor of human rights and
      environmental justice instead of shortsighted corporate greed. Organize an
      action on February 19th or any day that week. It's a week of actions to stop
      Citi's selling of the planet. LET'S STOP CITI FROM FINANCING FOSSIL FUELS

      For more info contact Mark von Topel with Powershift in DC at
      mark.vontopel@... <mailto:mark.vontopel@...> (202)

      Matt Prescott with SEAC in Philadelphia at IMPULSE275@...
      <mailto:IMPULSE275@...> 215-222-4711

      Emma Kelty, at Grinnell College, Des Moines, <mailto:ftp@...>.

      Sabrina Alonso at Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco at
      sabrina@... <mailto:sabrina@...> 415-398-4404 ext 309

      For more info on the Citi campaign go to http://www.ran.org or

      Mark von Topel
      Power Shift
      Campaign Organizer
      1752 Columbia NW
      Fourth Floor
      Washington, DC 20009
      ph: 202.299.9096
      fax: 202.299.9073
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