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Re: [hreg] Hydrogen-based transportation

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  • ChasMauch@aol.com
    Robert, I consider it to be an obvious fact that huge corporations have essentially bought our politicians and our entire government, and this is nothing new.
    Message 1 of 90 , Jan 10, 2002

      I consider it to be an obvious fact that huge corporations have essentially bought our politicians and our entire government, and this is nothing new. The so-called "robber barons" used to buy entire state legislatures and the entire political system to this day is rotten from top to bottom due to the influence of corporate money.

      Can anyone deny that our media are controlled by about ten huge conglomerates which dominate TV, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, radio, and are working on the Internet? The latest issue of the Nation magazine was entirely devoted to this situation and explains it in great detail. And since all are dependent on corporate advertising and are huge corporations themselves, there is not doubt about where their sympathies lie.

      Our "health care system" is controlled by a few big HMOs, pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies. Our absurd levels of military spending are simply a way of transferring public money to private sources and subsidizing the technology sector. Even the Wall Street Journal admits we hand out over $150 billion annually in corporate welfare of all kinds. Our food supply, even our schools and prisons -- all are being "privatized" as fast as possible, and of course they have always hated the minimum wage, worker organization, and social security and would eliminate them tomorrow if they could.

      Most of these corporations are moving their operations overseas. They have no loyalty to the citizens of this nation but will move to those that have the cheapest labor, the least environmental and safety regulation, and the lowest tax system. Our economy today has nothing to do with "free enterprise" as originally proposed by Jefferson and the others where small farmers dealt with small merchants. Today we have a system of corporate capitalism in which the only "invisible hand" at work is that of the super rich manipulating the government to their own advantage.

      I especially resent your statement that "I know it feels good for a Green to dump on big corporations....but I encourage you to consider both sides of the coin before criticizing (the Big 3) next time." I don't do it because it feels good, and I assure you that I have considered both sides of the situation it in great detail over a long period of time before arriving at the conclusions previously expressed.

      I am absolutely convinced that the system concentrates money and power in fewer and fewer hands, to the point that now about 1/2 of one percent of the people have nearly half of the total wealth of the country and are constantly striving for more, and the Big 3 are just one example of this. It is clear that you and perhaps most of the other members of this list are satisfied with this system, so I guess I should not have brought it up. You see Nader as a troublemaker who just gets in the way of progress or worse, prevents it from happening or at least slows it down. I find such a viewpoint amazing, but neither of us is likely to change the other's mind, and I guess a difference of opinion is what makes a horse race.

      In closing I will refer you to another troublemaker whose birthday is fast approaching. Jan 15 is MLK day, which will give us an excellent chance to observe how the corporate media works. There will be speeches and parades and endless reprints of his beautiful and inspiring "I Have a Dream" speech, which is familiar to us all, and we are comfortable with it. But he delivered another famous speech at Riverside Church in New York which I have never seen printed or broadcast in the mainstream media. In fact I had often heard of it but had never read it myself until a friend told me that I could find it at this Internet address (sorry I don't know how to make a hyperlink):


      It is incredibly powerful -- in fact it brought tears to my eyes. And tragically it is as timely today as it was over 30 years ago. In this time of difficult choices and national soul-searching, King's real message speaks to us forcefully and deserves to be heard. If we were truly to honor him, we should pass this on to all Americans, but it will not happen. They will present the sanitized King who does not offend the system. I sent it to the Chronicle and challenged them to print it, but am not holding my breath. I'm sure most of the media will not. So much for his real message. It's long and presents some hard facts, but I do hope you will take the time to read it, if you have never done so. It is just as true today as it was 30 years go -- just substitute "Afghanistan" for Vietnam and you have the same old story, after all these years. I'm sure you will find it inspiring, and terribly sad. Or then again, maybe you won't. Depends of the point of view, I guess.


      I have accepted to be at the Woodlands event on April 8. John Gardner Michael Ewert wrote: Looking ahead to Earth Day, I’d like to
      Message 90 of 90 , Jan 20, 2006
        I have accepted to be at the Woodlands event on April 8.
        John Gardner

        Michael Ewert <mewert@...> wrote:
        Looking ahead to Earth Day, I’d like to get an idea how many of you will be willing to help staff an HREG booth at one event or other.  I’m sure we will have many opportunities and I don’t want to accept more than we can handle.  Please let me know if you would like to staff the specific request below or if you would like to sign up tentatively to staff another Earth Day event.  Most will be on Saturdays in April.  Please e-mail me at mewert@....  Thank you.
        -----Original Message-----
        From: Eric Duran [mailto:eduran@...]
        Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 11:35 AM
        To: mewert@...
        Subject: Bellaire Earth Day
        Mr. Ewert,
        I'm writing to ask the Houston Renewable Energy Group to participate in Bellaire's Earth Day Festival on April 22nd, 2006. We'd like you to have an informative booth at the Nature Discovery Center site, from 10am to 2pm. We're asking the exhibitors this year to make the booths as interactive as possible, but information would be okay, as well. We look forward to having your organization join us.
        Thank you,
        Eric Duran
        Staff Naturalist
        Nature Discovery Center

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