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[hreg] Re: Condensed HREG Mission Statement

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  • s askew
    I propose we insert one word To
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 24, 2000
      I propose we insert one word >To< at the beginning of
      the mission statement. When I saw the TXSES statement
      it confirmed to me that it reads better that way.

      --- JClem412@... wrote:
      > HREG,
      > I have been out of town and preoccupied for over 10
      > days and wish to condense
      > the Mission Statement as follows:
      > Remove "The purpose of HREG shall be to"
      > Remove "This shall be accomplished"
      > Change "shall serve" to "serves"
      > Change "seek" to "seeks"
      > Remove the [2nd] "public and government"
      > Change "of its purpose" to "of the infinite power of
      > renewable energy."
      > This way, the Mission Statement and Purpose
      > statements can co-exist without
      > duplication, and the Mission Statement can be placed
      > in many different
      > mediums without changing. It is shorter by 11
      > words. SO, in full, the
      > Mission Statement:
      > "Further the development of renewable energy and
      > related arts, sciences and
      > technologies with concern for the ecological,
      > social, and economic fabric of
      > our community and state. Through exchange of ideas
      > and information by means
      > of meetings, publications and public displays, HREG
      > serves to inform the
      > public, institutional and governmental bodies and
      > seeks to raise the level of
      > awareness of the infinite power of renewable
      > energy."
      > Please consider the foregoing update and adopt the
      > statement, allowing use in
      > the upcoming flyer I am currently drafting. The
      > original statement was
      > clear, accurate, and easy to follow, ie,
      > well-written, but was tending to be
      > long. I hope this update is useful. Thank you.
      > Jonathan A. Clemens
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