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Re: [hreg] America Under Attack

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  • jclem412@aol.com
    Mr. Bell, I am puzzled as to why anyone would be alienated (as you say) by my comments. My commentary is in response to someone (Mr. Foster) wishing to
    Message 1 of 27 , Sep 30, 2001
      Mr. Bell,

      I am puzzled as to why anyone would be alienated (as you say) by my comments.
      My commentary is in response to someone (Mr. Foster) wishing to unilaterally
      restrict commentary on this HREG list. I have insisted that no such
      objections and limitations should apply to this list.

      You have presumed quite a bit in your latest comments. You have
      re-interpretted and ascribed my commentary as "political jabs". Do you
      really think that my comments were political jabs?

      My reference to "conservative right wing corporate types who already
      (literally) own the media" was part of a conditional if-then clause. If you
      prefer to take such a comment out of context (a context relating to unfair
      restrictions on the list), too bad, for it would be you who might be
      alienating the conservatives on this list.

      You presume that I am attacking ("jab"ing) conservatives (who also love the
      environment). I have been on this list for over two years and have never
      been accused of mistreating or dishonoring those with conservative
      viewpoints. There are conservatives who own media publications and there are
      those who do not. Correct me if I am wrong - Westinghouse, General Electric,
      and Disney own the three major TV networks - CBS, NBC, and ABC. Murdoch owns
      Fox TV. Time Warner owns CNN. These owners are corporations. Their sole
      purpose is to make profits for the shareholders. They all do a lot of
      advertising for other corporations. I personally believe that large
      corporations are typically conservative, since liberal or opposing
      philosophies usually mean cuts into their profits. I also know Westinghouse
      and GE have long time vested interests in the nuclear and electricity
      generating business.

      A fair question might be - have these corporations controlled or filtered, or
      attempted to control or filter the content of their programs on the networks?
      Mmm. I would wonder why Public TV exists, if not for the concern that the
      public may not be afforded their just due (programs covering the interests of
      the public realm) by Private TV. The fact is, these corporations CAN, by
      virtue of their board or directors and self-appointed management, dictate any
      viewpoints they want. I would not wish to get into all that on this list.
      Suffice it to say, we have guidelines and common decency for all to follow
      here, but do not have overriding power to bias the conversations in favor of
      one viewpoint over another.

      Thank you for expressing your opinions. I have faith that your intentions
      are good and that you have a certain understanding of what I said or what I
      meant to say. I only ask (of everyone on the list) that everyone be allowed
      to clarify their positions, as I have done here, if viewpoints seen
      contentious or improper.

      Jonathan Clemens
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