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FW: WIRE Newsletter 21 September 2001

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  • Mike Ewert
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      From the International Solar Energy Society.

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      Subject: WIRE Newsletter 21 September 2001

      WIRE Newsletter 21 September 2001

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      Dear Colleague,

      The atrocities of 11 September 2001 have made us aware of the relevance of
      renewable energy in ways that we would normally prefer not to dwell on.
      Obviously, not only the environment is at stake.

      Perhaps you have seen the recent ads by the International Atomic Energy
      Agency (IAEA) on CNN International reassuring everyone that every effort is
      being taken to prevent nuclear materials and technology from getting into
      the wrong hands. For an Associated Press report on statements by the IAEA
      about how nuclear power plants around the world would not withstand the
      type of attacks we witnessed last Tuesday, see
      http://enn.com/news/wire-stories/2001/09/09192001/ap_45005.asp .

      Perhaps you have also been following the discussion over the past few years
      about how the US and others have been working on deals with the Taliban to
      provide pipelines through Afghanistan from the recent oil discoveries made
      around the Caspian Sea. For years, some have been pointing out that a
      switch to renewables would mean not having to do business with such

      Let us hope that the following weeks and months will not bring more
      unnecessary suffering of the kind we have already had enough of. We at ISES
      hope that all of you are in good health and will remain so.

      The WIRE Team


      - Energy Globe 2002
      - OSB Offshore Windpark
      - Double glasing
      - Noorie lantern
      - Discussion Forum on Solar Buildings Launched
      - Hybrid Power Project in Lime Village, Alaska
      - World Sustainable Energy Day
      - Sustainable Services & Systems: Transition Towards Sustainability?


      (Remeber that a translation facility is available on every WIRE page!)

      - Energy Globe 2002
      This RE prize amounting to 10,000 Euros will be awarded next March. (Site
      in German.)

      - OSB Offshore Windpark
      A good example of how ground roots funding is helping the wind industry in
      Germany. (Text in German.)

      - Double glasing
      I would like to know if there are any programs I can use to simulate the
      energy consumption of the building, and to calculate the U-value ?.
      - Noorie lantern
      Does anyone know when I can purchase a Noorie lantern for my own testing

      - Discussion Forum on Solar Buildings Launched
      The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has launched a discussion
      forum on the important topic of the application of renewable energy and
      energy efficiency technology to the built environment.

      - Hybrid Power Project in Lime Village, Alaska
      A small electric generation project in a remote village in south-western
      Alaska could play a major role in determining whether solar power could
      have a bright future in other areas of rural Alaska.

      - World Sustainable Energy Day
      Venue: Stadthalle Wels
      City: Wels, Austria
      Scale: International
      Conference Date: 03/07-08/2002
      The World Sustainable Energy Day 2002 illustrates the winners of the Energy
      Globe Award, the international competition for sustainable energy projects.
      The major international conference on sustainable energy solutions is held
      from 7 to 8 March in Wels/Austria.

      - Sustainable Services & Systems: Transition Towards Sustainability?
      Venue: De Rode Hoed
      City: Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Scale: Regional
      Conference Date: 10/29-30/2001


      Please feel free to forward this mail to any of your friends, colleagues,
      students or business partners. We rely on our users to spread the word
      about WIRE to the entire Renewable Energy community. Also, please consider
      adding your own material to WIRE. This is a very simple process and can go
      a long way towards generating publicity for your activities among a select
      audience of renewable energy professionals.

      Get your WIRE user profile quickly and at no cost at

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      More information on joining ISES is available at http://www.ises.org/


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      (ISES) makes no representation about the content and suitability of this
      information for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or
      implied warranty. ISES disclaims all warranties with regard to this
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      income or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other
      tortious action, arising in connection with the use or performance of this
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      opinion expressed here necesarily reflects the opinion of ISES. Further,
      ISES has provided hypertext links to a number of sites as a service to our
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      various organisations or individuals. The user of the links remains
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      of local and international laws. The International Solar Energy Society
      reserves the right not to publish any material it deems unsuitable. We also
      apologise for this disclaimer, and for the sort of world that makes it
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