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RE: [hreg] french fry mobile

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  • David Bergeron
    Hello Kim, Joe Pizur, a solar installer here in Reno, drives a diesel truck which he fuels with alternative oils. I m not sure if he has email, but his
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 18, 2001
      Hello Kim,
      Joe Pizur, a solar installer here in Reno, drives a "diesel" truck which he fuels with "alternative" oils.  I'm not sure if he has email, but his phone number is 775-331-0228

      David B.
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      Subject: [hreg] french fry mobile


      While I wait for PV to come down to where I can afford it, I have been
      looking around.  I have noticed that every site I have looked [and I
      have not look at all of them] at for solar power suggests that one use
      natural gas or propane for cooking, hot water, the dryer etc.  Propane
      and natural gas are still fossil fuels.  This is not sustainable.  My
      electric now comes from a natural gas to electric plant and we have been
      slapped with surcharges to cover the cost of the fossil fuel.  All I
      have gained materially from my fluorescent lights etc. has been taken
      away, but I at least can afford it.  Some of my neighbors live on
      $500/month, and surcharges hurt.

      A few years ago I read on the web about a french fry mobile that took
      the old cooking oil from restaurants and turned it into fuel for a
      diesel engine.  There are some reasonably priced diesel generators
      around and I was wondering if one could use the french fry mobiles
      method to produce electricity.  It would be wonderful to get a check
      each month from my electric company, instead of paying while finding a
      good use for old oil.


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