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Fw: Solar Energy Could Be the Next Big Provider of Green Power

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2001
      > Solar Energy Could Be the Next Big Provider of Green Power
      > Source: Business Wire - Sep 05,2001
      > HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 5, 2001-- The following is an advisory by
      > Industrialinfo.com (Industrial Information Resources, Inc.; Houston,
      > Larger demand for environmentally friendly green power is creating an
      > interest in solar/photovoltaic power sources. Currently only about 300
      > mega-watts (MW) per year are being developed, primarily in 100 kilowatt or
      > smaller increments. Industrial Energy Producers (IEP) are playing a
      > role in the development of solar power and consuming the energy internally
      > to satisfy electrical needs.
      > Arizona Public Service Company (APS), a subsidiary of Pinnacle West
      > (NYSE:PNW) (Phoenix, Arizona), has 1MW that is being sold to the grid and
      > plans to double this by the second quarter of 2002. Composite Power
      > Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWW) (Las Vegas, Nevada) is considering a large
      > power generation plant in Nevada that could produce in excess of 100MW.
      > Suppliers of solar panels and supporting equipment are working to improve
      > their technology offerings in preparation for the expected growth
      > of solar energy. The goal for the solar industry is to develop 300MW of
      > solar energy per year and increase that to 1,200MW per year by 2010 and
      > maybe as high as 5,000MW per year by 2020.
      > For more information on trends and upcoming construction activities in the
      > Power and Energy markets as well as other industrial sectors send
      > to powergroup@... or visit us at www.industrialinfo.com.
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