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  • Roy Holder
    ... This was on the history channel last night as Interpol s biggest intn l scam FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS! ... this ... you
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 31, 2001
      At 07:25 AM 8/31/2001 -0500, you wrote:
      >I've received such a proposal before, but I've also received warnings about
      >such come-ons as they are scams to get into your bank account.

      This was on the history channel last night as Interpol's biggest intn'l
      scam FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS!

      >> From: "Lafleur, Oral" <lafleur_ox@...>
      >> Reply-To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      >> Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:30:30 -0500
      >> To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      >> Subject: [hreg] FW: BUSINESS-PROPOSAL/ ATTN ; DIRECTOR
      >> This came across the HREG website. Frist time I'm seeing something like
      >> but heard about it happening in Nigeria. Just thought I'd share it with
      >> all.
      >> Oral
      >> -----Original Message-----
      >> From: AHMED BAKO [mailto:ahmedbako2000@...]
      >> Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 3:48 PM
      >> To: hreg@...
      >>> From The Desk of The Chairman
      >> Contract Awarding Committee.
      >> Tel:(00228-038219).
      >> Attn: THE DIRECTOR.
      >> Dear Sir,
      >> I am an accountant with the Economic Community of West
      >> African State(Ecowas)with headquaters in lome-Togo.
      >> It is a great pleasure introducing myself to you as
      >> Mr.AHMED BAKO,the Chairman Ecowas Contract Award
      >> Committee,I was unanimously norminated by members of
      >> my Committee to seek for a Foriegn partner who is
      >> trust worthy for the purpose of transferring the sum
      >> of $22,000,000,00.(twenty two million u.s dollars
      >> only)for safe keeping.
      >> The said amount of money was intentionally over
      >> invoiced by members of my committee during several
      >> contracts which was awarded to foreign firms on behalf
      >> of Ecowas in respect of peace keeping in Sierra-Leone
      >> and the entire sub-region, hence a foreign partner is
      >> needed to execute this deal.
      >> The original foreign contractors who executed the
      >> contracts have since been paid in full, living this
      >> sum in a suspence account waiting for claimes in the
      >> Togolesse Central Bank (C.B.T).
      >> Be aware that every arrangement has been perfected
      >> with Directors of the Ministry of Finance,Presidency
      >> and the Togolesse Central Bank for a hitch free
      >> transaction,you should also understand that this deal
      >> is strictly confidential, hence these officials would
      >> not want any scandal of any type that will jeopardise
      >> there long years of service in Government.
      >> Memmbers of my committee and I have agreed to
      >> compesate you with 30% of the total value for your
      >> assistance,10% for inccidental expenses to be
      >> encured(either by you or us)in the cause of
      >> transferring this fund,and the balance would be for us
      >> .
      >> Should this interest you,you would be required to send
      >> the following immediately:-
      >> 1)Full company name,address, tel and fax numbers.
      >> 2)Full banking name,address,tel,fax,and telex numbers.
      >> 3)Account beneficiary,account nummber,sort or swift
      >> code numbers if any.
      >> All these would be required for a speedy conclusion of
      >> this transaction,since this transaction is expected to
      >> be concluded within 8 working days from the date of
      >> commencement.
      >> Note that there is no risk involved at all,for every
      >> arrangement have been perfected for a risk free
      >> transaction.
      >> Please indicate your interest through my e-mail
      >> address (ahmedbako2000@...)or better still call
      >> me on telephone (00228-038219)for further enquiries.
      >> Expecting your urgent response.
      >> Best regards,
      >> MR.AHMED BAKO.
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