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Re: [hreg] need to reconsider beginner project

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  • Kevin L. Conlin
    My suggestion for a beginner PV project in your price range would be to build a 100 - 200W PV system with 300 -400Ah battery and a 1kW sine wave inverter.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 10, 2001
      My suggestion for a beginner PV project in your price range would be to build a 100 - 200W PV system with 300 -400Ah battery and a 1kW sine wave inverter.  Forget trying to make money selling power to the utility, you're competing with coal. Use the system to power your computer and peripherals without worry of spikes, surges, sags or other noise, and use it in emergencies when the power goes out. Get your satisfaction by being one of the few people powering their silicon with silicon and sunlight.  (The space station being one example) There is a certain poetic beauty in capturing sunlight, filtering it through silicon, and re-emitting that energy as light on a computer screen somewhere else.  You can get local assistance and good pricing at www.sundog.org
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      Subject: Re: [hreg] need to reconsider beginner project

      Mike:  I don't believe you upset anyone.  My comments were of an educational nature and not directed toward anyone in particular, just everyone in general. 
      I don't sell any equipment of any kind so I can't help you in your quest.  I know there are more solar equipment vendors in this area and I don't know why they aren't responding.  I certainly can't speak for them.  Perhaps they are not online or are not plugged into this forum.  Perhaps someone else can respond better?
      LaVerne A. Williams, AIA
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      Subject: [hreg] need to reconsider beginner project

      can anyone give some advice on a beginner PV project with cost around 1000 to 2000 dollars. I have read a couple of articles where people had used  PV to reduce there monthly cost by plugging back into the grid. One person used a Sanyo 130 watt panel and a trace micro inverter and the total cost was less than 1000 bucks... Is this possible with a small scale system or do I need to think about this as a future project when I buy my new home in a couple of years.
      I know I have been asking lots of questions and taking up a lot of peoples time (THANK YOU)
      Laverne you made some really good points .....  No one in the local community has come forward and asked if I would Like to come down to there store and look some equipment. if the price is close to the online cost I would be more likely to buy from someone who has shone a lot of interest in my projects and a willingness to help. I have had two people contact me outside of Houston one for solar water heater and one for PV. Also no has said" I have a meter for sale locally" so I'm forced to sit at my computer and plug in keywords and go outside the community for stuff. On cost.when I order quality tools I usually find a better deals out side of Houston from suppliers that are able to buy in bulk.  I will pass on ok service from a small local specialty  business that has less selection and usually a lot higher prices and go for the sale online. for example I just bought a router online for 299.00 w/ free shipping and a local specialty store had it for 350.00. The sales guy was really nice and helpful but I couldn't see myself as a smart consumer throwing away my money..just not smart. So what I'm getting at is that maybe the local vendors need to fight harder to get the local business and get their name out and be competitive in price. I have never owned a business so I might be in LA LA land. I know the right thing to do is promote from within but sometimes its not the smart thing.
      Hope didn't piss anybody off, just trying to provide a possible profile of local consumers
      Again thanks,

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