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  • J P Malone
    Good response, Alyssa. I just bought a can of WD-40 to keep my delete key well oiled just in case I get any more Agenda 21 emails. From: hreg@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 26, 2013

      Good response, Alyssa. 

      I just bought a can of WD-40 to keep my delete key well oiled just in case I get any more “Agenda 21” emails.


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      Oh, please. Yes, I do suggest you watch everything and read everything you can about "Agenda 21." Please google Youtube videos by the Texas Tea Party, particularly the one where Debra Medina, speaking to the San Marcos Tea Party, tells us near the end of her speech that the green "thing" is "evil," and that environmentalists are "evil." Right, we are all going to take your guns away, you betcha.

      Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists--who usually tell me all about the threat from the Illuminati, from Jews and from Masonry, also, appear at some of our organization's events and shout down respected climate scientists. In the Coastal Bend, they showed up at a meeting about nature trails and told the gathering that creating nature trails and bike paths was part of the UN conspiracy to take away all American cars. In Corpus Christi, they mounted an attack against appropriate infill in the local Smart Growth group.

      This is deluded baloney

      Alyssa Burgin

      On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 5:54 AM, Susan Modikoane <suemodikoane@...> wrote:

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      The UN started an initative at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit called "Agenda 21."  Agenda 21 is using a Treaty created to protect the environment.  Both the Bush and Clinton administrations have taken the steps to make it law in the US. 


      It is important that you study the implications of Agenda 21.  It is a plan that uses terms like "sustainable development" to make private property ownership illegal in the US.  Attached is their map, that outlines their goal of making the US into one large wilderness.  The black dots represent the cities in which you will be allowed to live.


      Please do some research and find out exactly what Agenda 21 is.  Here is a link to a video that I found that slowly and carefully explains its creation and its implications.  Below that, is the video explaining that last month at the UN, a new Treaty was introduced, making private gun ownership illegal and providing for the confiscation of guns owned by Americans.


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GykzQWlXJs  (UN Treaty on Biodiversity - Agenda 21)


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fibBySJm5Po (UN Arms Trading Treaty to forbid the sale of arms to the private sector all over the world)


      If you don't have the time to watch these videos, please research these issues independently.


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