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Re: [hreg] renewable energy recommendations

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  • Kevin L. Conlin
    Very good points, Laverne. I ve noticed that the HREG loves to pick the local brains, then they shop for the products out of town. Buying solar equipment on
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 10, 2001
      Very good points, Laverne.  I've noticed that the HREG loves to pick the local brains, then they shop for the products out of town.  Buying solar equipment on e-bay does not foster local renewable energy efforts, yet the purpose of the group is (supposed to be) to promote Houston renewables.
      Personally, this doesn't affect me because we don't sell to the public,  but I've noticed a lot of half assed notions and advice being given in the context of saving money.  This approach hurts the PV industry in that the products won't function properly if they are not sized and selected properly, ultimately discouraging their use.  All PV products are not created equal, and I've seen a lot of junk dangerously installed because people didn't know what they were doing, or were determined to save a buck.
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      Good reminder.  If any of our members sell the "Watts Up", please step forward.
      The link to the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association is http://www.treia.org/
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      Some thoughts on recommendations for resources concerning renewable energy and related products and services.
      I believe that everybody associated with HREG wants renewable energy use to grow in Texas, either for their own use and/or for mainstream use.  To help foster this growth, I feel the need to caution the users of this email resource we have with HREG, especially with some of the comments and recommendations I have been seeing lately. 
      I believe we need to be more conscious about our recommendations regarding renewable energy products and services. 
      I think everyone of us should think twice about recommending a source outside-of-this organization, or an out-of-town, or worse yet, an out-of-state source for renewable energy related products and services.  For your needs, look 1st to resources within HREG membership,  then other local sources, then State, then National, etc.   If the money and knowledge flows out of our community, it supports out-of-community growth, not growth in our own community.  With the Internet and all of its recourses, I know it is easy to fall into this trap of recommending out-of-town and out-of-state resources.  I know.  I have slipped up many times myself.  So I am writing this to remind myself as well as others to just be conscious of the short and long term consequences to your own community of such recommendations.  All Sustainability Concepts are based upon using local resources 1st and foremost.
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