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FW: NAA Commercial Algae Production Announcement

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  • Ralph Parrott
    From: National Algae Association [mailto:barry@nationalalgaeassciation.ccsend.com] On Behalf Of National Algae Association Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012
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      Subject: NAA Commercial Algae Production Announcement


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      Commercial Algae Production Announcement


      The National Algae Association is proud to announce that BARD Holdings has completed construction of a new indoor commercial algae production facility located in Calhoun, GA. BARD has leased other warehouses in GA for establishing similar kind of facilities Every day, more and more of our members are scaling-up algae production throughout the US. This proves that the American algaepreneur is alive and well. They understand that you can have all the greatest research and technology in the world but if it can't be tested in a commercial environment and proven to scale, it will not have any value in our industry.


      After all, with all the noise and press releases out there these days, someone has to produce it commercially. BARD is a prime example of the commitment to commercial algae production.


      What started over 50 years ago as a research project at Carnegie Mellon has become a potential $1.6 billion dollar market going foward. The private sector has had to move beyond the few government research grants and has turned the corner on commercial algae production deployment.


      One of the unique benefits of BARD's platform and technology is that it can be replicated anywhere throughout the country. Sure, new advances will be made in commercial algae production but as one university on grant money stated a few years ago "all technology hurdles have been met.. it's all engineering and scale-up going forward." That is why the National Algae Association started the algae production industry over 5 years ago. Through working on 100 acre algae farm specs and drawings, testing commercial algae production equipment, constantly lowering the CAPEX and OPEX and providing our annual Algae Production Certification Program, NAA is recognized as the leader in the algae production industry nationally and internationally.


      NAA wants to commend BARD for their efforts to date in pioneering the commercial algae production industry.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.








      For additional information, contact:


      National Algae Association

      4747 Research Forest Drive, Suite 180

      The Woodlands, TX 77381







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