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RE: [hreg] Solar Backup System

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  • Andrew McCalla
    Greg, Great site, thanks for sharing. Andrew From: hreg@yahoogroups.com [mailto:hreg@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Greg Tinkler Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012
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      Great site, thanks for sharing.






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      would appreciate some input on this.  We have a grid tied, 5k solar array and are waiting a year to get an idea how much electricity we'll use per annum. Our 1250sq home is all electric with geothermal cooling/heating (we're in south Texas).  We plan to add more panels next year to come close to our annual usage, perhaps another 3-4k (we had the larger SMA inverter installed to accommodate additional panels).

      So if the grid goes down, the panels automatically shut off for safety. Meanwhile we have no power despite the panels sat up top so would need a generator for the basics (fridge, freezer, PC, lights, etc).  Seems a little crazy to have panels up there we can't utilize during the day. Ideally would like to use something like the SMA Sunny Backup (SB) which has a small battery array just to keep basics going thru the night. In daylight, the panels are back to operating and powering the house and recharging the batteries.  Basically we're looking for a hybrid system so are covered for all eventualities (the house has been pre wired to accommodate this possibility).

      Some of you have suggested the Sunny Island but understand this is designed primarily for off grid and is considerably more expensive than the Sunny Backup, plus needs a different, more expensive inverter.  Also that the panels to first recharge the large battery array before powering the house, then any surplus leccies go to the grid. The SB costs about $2800 in Europe.

      Innovative electricity insurance for private homes: as an add-on to the PV plant, the Sunny Backup set S switches automatically to off-grid mode within 50 milliseconds in the event of grid failure. Whether in summer or winter, if the power goes out, owners of small to medium-sized PV plants and inverters from SMA can supply their most important consumer loads themselves. Our affordable complete solution is suitable for both new PV plants as well as existing PV plants, which can be easily retrofitted with our certified Sunny Backup set S.

      SMA in the USA told me the SB is not UL listed and 50hz so can't be used here.  But surely there's a market in the US for this?  The technology is there, how difficult is it to re-engineer for the US market?   I'm not an engineer, am I not understanding some basics?

      Thank you, Kathy

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