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Re: [hreg] The Glorious Fourth

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  • mike
    Claude, Please don t send large files on the list, not everyone has a T1 connection. It s better to put it on a web site and send a link to it. thanks, mike
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 30, 2001

      Please don't send large files on the list, not everyone has a T1 connection.
      It's better to put it on a web site and send a link to it.


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      From: Claude Foster <ccfoster@...>
      To: 'hreg@yahoogroups.com' <hreg@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Friday, June 29, 2001 12:28 PM
      Subject: RE: [hreg] The Glorious Fourth

      > <<Energy Quandry.pdf>>
      >The attachment gives a fair analysis of the California energy syndrome and
      >plan by Nevada to prevent recurrence there.
      >We need to implement conservation and renewable energy but the availability
      >and reliability of the best power system in the world in being jeopardized.
      >America gains it preeminent position in the world largely due to its
      >implementation of abundant, high quality, reliable electrical power. The
      >concept of NIMBY does not support our society. Love Canal and environmental
      >abuse also must not be tolerated or condoned. JFK's line of what can we do
      >for our country needs to be in our mind. The shortage of reliable energy is
      >neither solely due to "them" and it cannot be solved by "them".
      >Profiling "Large Oil" as the evil giant will be a popular and enduring
      >pastime. A better activity may be to understand the electrical and
      >hydrocarbon energy business. Understanding the energy companies may be too
      >big for some but our elected officials were once ordinary people like us.
      >Please call or write your representatives with constructive comments to
      >reduce exploitation by irresponsible individuals. (Corporations are
      >considered individuals under the law.) School boards, local governments,
      >local businesses all have impact. Will you help them help us keep our
      >country's best minds focused on rebuilding our energy production and
      >delivery system.
      >Everyone can declare independence and shutoff the electricity and gas
      >to lights, AC, fans, refrigerator, range, etc. but who really wants to
      >endure the result. Regulation was the tool of the people to limit and
      >direct the limited monopoly assigned to the public utility. We elected to
      >give up the supervision and control of the Utility Commission in exchange
      >for the potential lower rates. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
      >with out proper controls. We are enjoying the lack of controls, foresight
      >and planning in CA today. Lets do everything possible to keep the lights,
      >and other desirable human comforts available in Texas.
      >I work under a tree (indoor) and contribute in every way possible to SDD in
      >industry. We want to keep industry producing goods and products with SDD.
      >Have a Good Day
      >Claude Foster, P.E.
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      >> Subject: [hreg] The Glorious Fourth
      >> HREG,
      >> I would not normally put forth the following poem, except that it relates
      >> to
      >> the upcoming July 4th (Independence Day), which has an underlying meaning
      >> very applicable to the Renewable Energy efforts of today - that of having
      >> a
      >> belief for something (freedom then and RE now) and acting with strength
      >> against bad precedent, bad laws, and bad times. The last line says "Till
      >> earth no longer knows a slave." The author referred to enslaved citizens
      >> of
      >> the Old World, but we all are beginning to feel like slaves to oil. We
      >> are
      >> so dependent on it, yet are a bit doomed by it.
      >> The following was written and included in The Santa Fe Magazine in July
      >> 1928
      >> (the month and year my father was born). I happened upon the magazine in
      >> a
      >> downtown Port Townsend shop today. Love this town.
      >> The Glorious Fourth
      >> The Glorious Fourth! Aye, truly styled
      >> The "glorious," for no other day
      >> Since Freedom on the world first smiled
      >> Has o'er man's fate had greater sway.
      >> 'Twas on this day our fathers met
      >> In solemn state, as fit their cause,
      >> And in undying language set
      >> Their protest 'gainst despotic laws.
      >> They braved the Old World's wrath and hate;
      >> The cast all precedent aside
      >> And raised the pillars of our state
      >> That still endure, our boast and pride.
      >> Then let us celebrate their deed
      >> And keep the day with speech and song,
      >> And sow anew the precious seed
      >> From which has sprung our Union strong.
      >> Fling out Old Glory to the sun;
      >> Let bells rejoice and cannon roar;
      >> Rehearse the tale of triumphs won
      >> And swell the cheer from shore to shore.
      >> Show all mankind we still hold dear
      >> The liberty our fathers gave;
      >> Proclaim its blessings far and near
      >> Till earth no longer knows a slave.
      >> - Charles Thomas Duvall
      >> Good luck and happy independence. Mmm, a Solar Declaration of
      >> Independence.
      >> What day shall it be?
      >> Jonathan A. Clemens
      >> Olympic Energy Systems
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