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RE: [hreg] lunar solar power

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  • kevin conlin
    There’s a reason it’s called lunacy……….. Kevin Conlin Heliosolar Design Inc PO Box 1938 Alief, TX 77411 281-202-9629 kevin@heliosolardesign.com From:
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      There’s a reason it’s called lunacy………..


      Kevin Conlin

      Heliosolar Design Inc

      PO Box 1938

      Alief, TX 77411







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      This ridiculous theory comes around every decade or so and it still doesn’t make any sense. The original idea, and maybe it still is, is to melt silicon rich lunar rock and create large patches of light sensitive PV on the moons surface. I guess they forgot to consider that PV grade silicon has to be 99.9999% pure just to gain 10-15% efficiency.  

      It sounds like someone is looking for some grant money for “more research”.

      My 2¢




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      Heard an interesting presentation about solar power beamed from the moon by Dr. Chriswell at the Sierra Club meeting. The topic has been broadcast on KPFT previously and the archives can be accessed here:

      Solar power from the moon:Yes, really.

      George interviews David Criswell, retired Professor of Physics at the University of Houston and former director of the Institute for Space Systems Operations there, about the possibility of beaming back microwave power from the moon to provide for every person on the planet electricity at the same levels as presently used in the US. A practical solution for the energy needs of humanity for the indefinite future that won't pollute the planet or destabilize the atmosphere, at a cost of about the US military budget for one year.

      There will be a discussion group at the Leisure Learning Center this coming Monday.

      Lobbying 101--Solar Energy from the Moon
      As a follow up to the LLU presentation titled Solar Energy from the Moon (V7100) by Dr. David Criswell, this class will be an experiential, learn by doing, workshop. The goal will be to organize an effort to raise awareness for the concept...one that is designed to produce virtually unlimited clean energy for every person on every country on earth. This class will be part of an ongoing project. Through the establishment of a permanent organization (perhaps a 501-C3 non-profit educational organization) our initial goal will be to elicit the awareness of local, state and national politicians, oil, gas and pipeline companies, energy companies, and the nearly 90 consulates that have offices in Houston. The ultimate goal will be to generate the political will and funding for this project. NOTE: The date listed below is when this meeting will take place. It's likely that meetings will have been held involving people who attended the lecture; subsequent meetings to review our work will probably be scheduled.
      Instructor: Ted Weisgal
      Area of Town: Greenway Plaza Area: Richmond/Kirby
      Price: $Pay What You Can Afford At The Door
      Class # Class Dates
      V7099A 1 Mon 6:30-8:30pm May 21


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