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[hreg] FW: Free Sustainability Seminar

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  • Steve Stelzer
    Greetings from Steve Stelzer. I thought some of you might be interested in this. George gave us a tour of the PV array at UTHSC a year ago. ... From: George
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2000
      Greetings from Steve Stelzer. I thought some of you might be interested in
      this. George gave us a tour of the PV array at UTHSC a year ago.

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      Subject: Free Sustainability Seminar
      Importance: High

      January 20, 2000

      Good Afternoon Friends;

      As the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center moves toward
      becoming the model Health Sciences University for the 21st century, we
      would like to provide a healthier, cleaner and more environmentally
      friendly campus as we progress on our journey.

      In providing an atmosphere conducive to a more sustainable future we
      must have tools to guide us. We will be offering two free seminars
      to share a framework that can meet these needs; this process is called
      The Natural Step. Carol Misseldine of BLDI Environmental Inc. along with
      our team here at the University of Texas- Houston will be providing two
      sessions, the first on January 26th and anotheron January 27th, 2000 and
      provide complimentary breakfast and lunch for you.

      The purpose of The Natural Step is to establish and share a common
      framework comprised of easily understood, scientifically based
      principles that can serve as a compass to guide society toward a just
      and sustainable future.

      The framework is based on a consensus of leading scientists, founded by
      Karl- Henrik Robert. Although based in science, none of it requires an
      advanced degree. Much of the information that will be shared is
      intuitive. Most of the sharing is about things we already know, but
      perhaps haven’t thought about in a while, or haven’t put together in
      this way.

      More than anything, The Natural Step is a framework for thinking. It’s
      foundational principle is consensus -this is a continuing process, not a
      “done deal.” If we can look at our world and our lives in new ways we
      will consider this journey for sustainability to be a success.

      Please call Debbie Chandler at extension 3425 to coordinate specifics.
      Thank you all in advance and remember…you can make a difference!

      Please forward as you see fit

      Sincerely yours,

      George Bandy II
      Sustainable Development Officer
      University of Texas-Houston
      Office of Facility Planning and Development


      David Crossley wrote:

      > The Upper Kirby District has placed new limitations on the use of the
      > Windsor Room where were usually meet, and the Smart Growth Initiative will
      > not be able to meet there any more. However, the American Institute of
      > Architects, whose office is right across the street, has offered to let us
      > use their meeting room for the January 24 meeting. We'll have to discuss
      > future meeting places.
      > So the meeting is at AIA, 3000 Richmond, Suite 500, at 11:30 on Monday,
      > January 24. Hope to see you then.
      > ____________________________________________________
      > David Crossley | Gulf Coast Institute | 713-523-5757
      > 2001 Kirby Dr. Suite 515
      > Houston TX 77019
      > Fax 713-523-3057
      > crossley@...
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