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FW: Reminder: Call for Oral & Poster Presentation Ideas - Submit Now

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      From: Algae Biomass Summit [mailto:service@...]
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      Subject: Reminder: Call for Oral & Poster Presentation Ideas - Submit Now


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      Call for Oral & Poster Presentations
      Deadline: April 6th, 2012

      Submit an Abstract and Present at the Largest Algal Biomass Conference in the World!
      The Algal Biomass Organization is now accepting abstracts for speaking opportunities in breakout or panel sessions and poster presentations for the 2012 Algae Biomass Summit. Abstracts are due by April 6th, 2012. All subjects of relevance to algal biomass technologies, both for macro- and micro-algae, will be considered.

      The large number of abstracts submitted last year was unprecedented. This year we expect an even higher number of abstract submissions, making the acceptance process more competitive. We urge you to submit your presentations early and follow the guidelines that are listed on the abstract submission page.

      Why submit an abstract?
      If selected to speak you’ll:

      1. Speakers receive a $300 discount on a full registration to the event
      2. Network at the world’s largest gathering of algal thought leaders
      3. Be promoted to thousands through event emails and website
      4. Gain additional credibility throughout the industry
      5. Find new opportunities for your product, service or research

      100% of last year’s speakers said they’d return again

      100% of last year’s speakers said they received strong speaker support

      “Invaluable information for all kinds of aspects of the whole algae industry.”
      -Linxing Yao, Iowa State University

      “The ABO summit provided the right mix of industry, academia, and interested investors, committed to building and expanding the role of algae in biofuels, feeds, and products. Collaborations and partnerships developed at ABO will influence the field and industry for decades to come.”
      -Ryan Dorland, Ph.D., Cellana LLC

      “It was one of the best conferences I've attended.”
      -Lauro André Ribeiro, University of Coimbra

      Abstracts should fit into one of the following four primary topic areas and 1-4 secondary topic areas.

      Primary Topic Areas:

      1. Biology
      2. Commercialization
      3. Engineering and Analysis
      4. Finance and Policy

      Secondary Topic Areas:

      A. Fundamental science and research
      B. Genetics and genetically modified algae
      C. Algae-strain development, selection and breeding
      D. Developments in micro and macro-algae science
      E. Other research in applied algae science (all areas)
      F. Crop protection
      G. Algae cultures
      H. Macro- and micro-algae market development
      I. Market and business development research
      J. Marketing strategy with algae-based products
      K. New product development – case studies
      L. Developing commercial scale production
      M. End-user development and partnerships
      N. Project siting and facility co-location
      O. Carbon capture and CO2 recycling
      P. Waste water remediation
      Q. Biofuels, jet fuel, green crude, biodiesel
      R. Food, feed and nutraceuticals
      S. Bioplastics and chemicals
      T. Cultivation
      U. Production processes including open pond systems, photo bioreactors, and fermentation
      V. Harvesting and dewatering technologies
      W. Extraction, processing and conversion to end products
      X. Remediation systems
      Y. Compositional Analysis Methods
      Z. Life cycle analysis and techno-economic modeling
      AA. Tax and legislative initiatives, US national and state and international
      BB. Product standards
      CC. Federal and State tax and legislative initiatives
      DD. Government agency programs and funding
      EE. Project financing
      FF. Early stage and Venture Financing
      GG. Pathway to an Initial Public Offering
      HH. Intellectual Property competition and collaboration
      II. Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships
      JJ. International Project Development and Financing
      KK. REIT’s, MLP’s and other non-traditional financing models
      LL. Investment and production tax credits and loan guarantees
      MM. Industry stakeholder initiatives
      NN. Sustainability
      OO. Regulatory policy
      PP. Technology and feedstock parity
      QQ. Comparing algae to oil for policy and incentives
      RR. Permitting and land management

      Abstracts are due to ABO by April 6, 2012.

      The 2012 Algae Biomass Summit
      Website is Now Live

      Log on Today and Get the Latest Info

      Log on to the new Algae Biomass Summit website and submit an abstract or view the exhibit booth and sponsorship opportunities that remain. Many companies have already gained the best placement on our trade show hall floor. Now is the time to get the best position. Log on now.

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      Meet New Customers in Denver!

      Because of the huge success this year, premium booth space and sponsorships for the Algae Biomass Summit in Denver, CO, September 24-27, 2012 are already going fast. As an exhibitor or sponsor you'll receive two full registrations and valuable exposure at the service@...

      Become an ABO Member
      Save $250 on Your Conference Registration

      Help support the algae industry by becoming a member of the Algal Biomass Organization. The Algal Biomass Organization (ABO) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the development of viable technologies and commercial markets for renewable and sustainable products derived from algae. Its membership is comprised of people, companies and organizations across the value chain.

      Don’t wait. Become a member of the ABO and take advantage of the conference savings.

      For more information, contact us at 866-746-8385 or e-mail service@....

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