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RE: [hreg] Solar Roofing Panels

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  • ralph parrott
    How about the attached? Ralph Parrott Founder and Vice President of Business Development Alternative Power Solutions 8181 Commerce Park #700 Houston, Texas
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 12, 2012

    How about the attached? 


    Ralph Parrott

    Founder and Vice President of Business Development

    Alternative Power Solutions

    8181 Commerce Park #700

    Houston, Texas  77036

    O. 713-595-6375

    F. 713-595-6382

    C. 281-455-9083



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    Thanks, Jim.


    Not bad, I suppose.  But see all that "roof" you have to build under those things just to support that "roof?"


    I am visiting with a custom manufacturer tomorrow, and bringing my "wish-list" up to date. 


    Phil's fantasy spec is something that just screws down to a frame -- any frame -- wood, steel, aluminum, not the silly install track that every dink tries to out-do-each other with.


    Probably would not even have to have an aluminum frame.


    I am thinking if a crew can just unload R-panel from a truck and screw a metal roof down -- why not  a PV roof that works the same way?


    No plywood, no deck, no shingles, no metal panel(s) -- why pay for that twice?  acts as a radiant barrier, and is a 25 year (+) roof. 


    btw, I put this on NTREG, as well , but did not see it come through.  Is NTREG working properly?


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    the closest thing to BIPV we've done is at that Glen Rose install you work on in '06 with us. We went back and put up clear-backed PV in the greenhouse roof several months after the inital install of the trackers etc was finished.

    But I suspect that you are looking for something like this....


    Jim Duncan
    North Texas Renewable Energy
    TECL 27398
    NABCEP Solar PV
    Certified 031310-57



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    Anyone know anything about or have used what are in more-formal-terms called Building-Integrated-Photovoltaics?

    Particularly asking about using Solar Panels as roofing panels.

    Not so much where the PV is On the Roof, but rather where the Solar PV IS the roof?

    for examples >>>




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