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This Saturday, Houston Solar Tour and Green Energy Fair

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  • ralph parrott
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      About Solar Tour   |  Green Energy Fair  |  Bus Tour Sign-up  | E-News Sign-up 


      Houston Solar Tour


      Thank You Sponsors!

























































      Thank You Community Partners!










       Join Us! THIS SATURDAY


      2011 8th Annual


      & Green Energy Fair

      October 15

      Self-Guided Tour 9 am- 1 pm

      Green Energy Fair 11 am - 5 pm

      Houston Solar Tour House 

      The 2011 8th Annual Houston Solar Tour is a free, self-guided tour that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about solar energy systems, energy-efficiency and sustainable building technologies by visiting residences and businesses in the Houston area that use these technologies in real world applications.


      At the end of your tour, swing by Tranquility Park downtown and enjoy the Green Energy Fair which is part of the Energy Day 2011, a day-long event festival. Fun for the entire family, meet companies and organizations of Houston's renewable energy community to learn and interact on the latest in solar and other sustainable activities. The Green Energy Fair will be located inside HREG Green Energy section at Smith Street and Walker Street.    


      Free Bus Tour Available

      Houston Bus Tour  

      The Houston Solar Tour is pleased to announce FREE bus transportation for the 2011 tour. Be sure to reserve a seat early. And, please be courteous when signing up. Space is limited and we will be using registration sign-up to track availability of seating.


      Sign in the day of the even starts at 8 a.m. at the corner of Smith Street and Walker Street downtown (Tranquility Park). Bus Tour leaves at promptly at 9 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. at the Green Energy Fair festivities.




      Have questions? Please contact us at 908-420-8500.


      Check out the ABC News Story the on Energy Day 2011




      Geothermal Air-Conditioning Demonstration at the Green Energy Fair


      Using the ground temperature to cool buildings makes a lot of sense, especially in our hot climate.


      Did your air-conditioner have a hard time keeping up this summer? It probably ran constantly to keep up with the record heat. Your electricity bill probably hit a record high too.


      Geothermal systems use loops buried in the ground for air conditioning. By using the earth's predictably cool temperature, you can dramatically save on your electric bills. It's an investment - but in the long run energy saved and money saved make good sense for the environment and for you. Pair a geothermal system with a solar electric system and you are on your way to a net-zero energy home.


      Learn more at the green energy fair - we'll have a demonstration unit on hand. Visit our sponsor Green Team A/C and Geothermal and discover how you can beat the heat next summer.


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