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RE: [hreg] smart meters

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  • Gary Beck
    I have no problem with agreeing to chemical sensitivities since humans did not evolve around some of the new chemical things we are capable of inventing and
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      I have no problem with agreeing to chemical sensitivities since humans did not evolve around some of the new chemical things we are capable of inventing and adopting.

      The chemistry or biological reactions are convoluted, individually complex, capable of traveling and changing by hosts, and even evolving across effected human generations. It is just not possible to test for every possibility that may take a generation or two to become visible.


      I also have no problem with those that are concerned about the smart meter aspects of 'Big Brother' taking over our lives (Both '1984' and '2001 A Space Odyssey' were a long time ago). Same idea with smart phone GPS tracking etc. But I like to use GPS so I risk it. I also like electricity and I don't want more power plants built than are required, so I will tolerate smart meters. If I wanted to be off grid I could probably do it (build small, go all solar, use paper maps, buy with cash, not pay taxes,…hmmm…)


      Speaking like a nerd, The power density of an electromagnetic energy wave diminishes with the either the simple square of the distance and is easily directionally shielded by something as simple as aluminum foil. Not trusting the designer? Remember the aluminum cone hats in 'Signs'? They would work against most alien brain scans so I think they would also work against smart meters - though a full aluminum body wrap might be needed.


      Speaking like an business entrepreneur, I simply have a problem with the concept of a 'designed-to-be-unhealthy' smart meter when it would cost less in the long run to design it to be healthy.  It could happen, but very unlikely. That is because these types of devices will be both designed by teams of hundreds of people (all keeping the deadly secret hidden?) and also made by multiple competing companies (no sales guy saying 'Buy ours because it will not kill your customers'?). So it is 'probably' very unlikely one consistently unhealthy design would make it into the public sector.


      Gary Beck,

      Eco-Holdings LLC





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      It is not a conspiracy, any more than dryer sheets are.  But, people are getting very sick, about 3% of the population is totally disabled by stuff that is supposed to be safe.  Another 14% is having their life made into a prison, by not being able to be around stuff.


      Our knowledge is not complete, the precautionary principle should be called into play against smart meters.  And all the chemicals that we are putting into our environment without proper knowledge.


      I will admit, that much of what is written is sensationalist.  But, that seems to be the only way of reaching many people, sad isn't it?  With the drought, fires and other fun of this summer, I don't have much time to do a lot of research for others.  I know there are better web sites, but as I said, that was for starters.


      More and more of the population is starting to realize that MCS and EMF sensitivities are not some left leaning plot.  They are real, it is sad because people are learning the hard way.  I have suffered from MCS for over 10 years now and have watched the numbers come up and the attitudes change.  There are many places I can't go, because of wifi and EMF issues.  I pray that those of you who think I am nuts, don't learn the hard way.  I would not wish my living restrictions on my worst enemy.


      Bright Blessings,

      Garth & Kim Travis


      Bedias, Texas



      On 9/9/2011 11:43 PM, Gary Beck wrote:

      > There is lots of interesting stuff on the internet. Let the surfer beware.


      > A repeater module every tenth or so meter? Not sure what you mean by

      > that. I have one meter on my house, so within ten houses away there

      > will be a repeater module with a stronger radio signal? And that is

      > the one that is cooking that homeowner with high microwave radiation?

      > Or are all of them cooking us?


      > If so, a minimum of one out of ten smart meter homes needs to start a

      > class action suite. A whopper of a suite for sure since the deep

      > pockets to aim for are those wealthy utility companies.


      > I have a hard time with this idea having any logical base so I must

      > think it may be just another internet based fable. Or,...it may just

      > be the beginning of the real ' Rise of the Machines'.


      > Since all utility companies are evil and get their matching orders

      > from Cheney, it must be so. When the electrical device manufacturer

      > was designing and testing the first public enslaving smart units, they

      > must have had a diabolical design checklist. Maybe it read something like this...


      > 1. Smart meter to communicate to power control stationa to help avoid

      > brownouts and total grid loss.  Check.

      > 2. Smart meter to be able to be easily changed out to avoid loss of

      > power to our paying customers. Check 3. Smart meter to be reliable,

      > eco friendly and cost effective. Check.

      > 4. Smart meter to either irradiate or microwave every tenth paying

      > customer until medium well so as to cause massive lawsuit and distrust

      > amongst the general public for a minimum of one generation of customers.

      > Check.






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    • alammey@HoustonEnergyAnalyst.com
      Hi Kim and Garth, I m interested in that story. Do you have a link? Thank you, Alan Lammey Alan M. Lammey Energy Analyst & Consultant Host of the Energy Week
      Message 32 of 32 , Nov 15, 2011
        Hi Kim and Garth,
        I'm interested in that story. Do you have a link?
        Thank you,
        Alan Lammey

        Alan M. Lammey
        Energy Analyst & Consultant
        Host of the 'Energy Week' Radio Program
        Website: www.TexasEnergyAnalyst.com
        Ph: 281-658-0395
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        Subject: [hreg] smart meters
        From: Garth & Kim Travis <gartht@...>
        Date: Tue, November 15, 2011 3:52 pm
        To: hreg@yahoogroups.com


        Some interesting news out of California, apparently, they are starting
        to replace smart meters with the old analog meters. Only for those who
        are complaining of health problems since the meters were installed, but

        Rather than clutter up the list with information that will start another
        flame war, or more nasty off list messages, I will leave it at this. If
        you want more information, please contact me. I will forward what I
        have about this.
        Bright Blessings,
        Garth & Kim Travis
        Bedias, Texas
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