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RE: [hreg] FW: Electric Auto Shop

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  • Philip Timmons
    Sounds like this is more lacking a business model than a location? Locations are cheap and plentiful, but what I am hearing George Cilley / Electric Auto Shop
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      Sounds like this is more lacking a business model than a location?

      Locations are cheap and plentiful, but what I am hearing George Cilley / Electric Auto Shop say is they lack the 25% "match."

      The match part and filling in that "blank" portion of the funding is the name-of-the-game in all the stimulus and renewable energy grants these days.

      Real deal is creative accounting can make the 25% appear from the 75% give-away, but there are some ethical issues in doing that.  

      The real legit question is -- is there enough of a "thing of value" created at the 25% level by doing this?  The goal of the matching game is that the project have a worth of at least that.

      So if on a per-unit basis where the total presented cost of the course is:  $10K  or $100K  or $1000K -- is there a product created that is worth $2500 or $25K or $250K?

      Like maybe for the:25% net worth --

      If $10K a net worth of $2500 -- a low-speed, long distance vehicle suitable rural mail delivery, or
      If $100K a net worth of $25K -- a delivery truck for a UPS, FedEx, or Bread Stores, or
      If $1000K a net worth of $250K -- a fully electric bus for city, school, (or National Park -- whole other funding source, there) applications.

      If so, this can fund itself.  If even that basic 25% return of the sunk cost cannot be recovered . . .  maybe not.

      On the other hand, if the folks interested in are willing to work Electric Vehicles Beyond Batteries (mho, Electric Car Mindset + Batteries is very much Been There Done That and seems as stuck on batteries as Internal Combustion Engines are stuck on Oil), I think I can get some sponsors and funding.  

      But dunno if they can leave their batteries behind.  

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      We checked the facility at HCC Northeast and it could not accommodate our needs (cars and audience.)  The Energy Institute is housed at HCC Northeast – they are a partner for the event and will attend, but we are using the HCC Southwest campus. 




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      HCC Northeast would be interested I think.

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      Thoughts anyone.

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      Hello HREG,

      My name is George Cilley and I work for a company in Sebastopol , CA called
      Electric Auto Shop. EAS is an educational publishing company which has
      written a curriculum for auto tech clases which takes students through the
      process of converting a gas-powered vehicle into an electric-powered one.
      Right now, as you may be aware, the Houston-Galveston area is eligible for a
      large amount of federal dollars through the Department of Energy's Clean
      Cities program. Accordingly, our curriculum is 75% funded in that area. This
      means schools get the class material, including all the parts to convert a
      car, for a fraction of the total cost.

      So, why am I contacting you? Well, we're trying to figure out how best to
      get this program into Houston-Galveston area schools. We have contacted
      virtually every school in the area and have received a lot of interest.
      Despite this, there are few schools with the budget to purchase the program.

      Do you have any thoughts/connections which might help us bring the
      innovative program to your area?

      Thank you for you help. I appriciate the work you all are doing.

      George Cilley

      Schools Coordinator

      Electric Auto Shop

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