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Re: [hreg] Speaker needed for Galveston

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  • justin@gulfcoastrenewableresources.com
    Thanks for the replies. I had been contacted about it yesterday myself and cannot commit to their requested time frame, but knew I could count on someone
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      Thanks for the replies. I had been contacted about it yesterday myself and cannot commit to their requested time frame, but knew I could count on someone through HREG to help them out. Thanks Tyra and Jim for the help. We now have it finalized.
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      The program sounds wonderful.  Unfortunately this is very short notice for a very few number of students on what is probably a pretty big effort – not to mention a drive to Galveston .  I know lots of folks in town, at Rice, UH and elsewhere who could present – but for these reasons. 

      I would recommend you contact Elizabeth Ferruelo at the World Affairs Council of Houston.  WAC has a huge focus on education including high school.  They have energy programs every year where speakers present and students participate.  The quality of the speakers is outstanding.

      My other suggestion is to contact the 2 Pasadena High Schools that just installed solar panels. See the ribbon cutting announcement attached for details.



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      We still have not found anyone to speak with the 9th graders at Ball Prep Academy . The presentation would not need to be too long...just enough time to give the basics of the various renewable energy sources. If anyone is inetersted or knows someone who might be intersted, please let me know or pass this information along. We are trying to nail it down by tomorrow afternoon.


      Justin Owens



      Attention HREG members,

      Ball High Prep Academy in Galveston is working with 120 9th graders on developing a proposal for an energy usage plan for Galveston Island , as an effort to educate on the different forms of renewable energy. They are seeking someone with a decent amount of knowledge on solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal and wave energy sources to speak to the group of students sometime between the 21st and 25th of March. The presentation would be an introduction to the various forms of renewable energy including the pros and cons of each. After the presentation, a Q&A session would take place for the students. The students, based upon the presentation, will choose two sources of renewable energy to research and develop their project off of.

      The school is in a hurry to find someone before spring break takes place. Anyone interested in speaking to the students, please contact me.


      Justin Owens


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