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FW: [TexasGWEcommitteePrivate] low-carbon energy

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  • Tyra Rankin
    A chance for activism. Tyra _____ From: texasgwecommitteeprivate-owner@lists.riseup.net [mailto:texasgwecommitteeprivate-owner@lists.riseup.net] On Behalf Of
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    A chance for activism.




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    The attached article reports that China is leaving the US in the dust.  I have faxed the article to Cornyn, Hutchison, and Culberson, request that they fund a program that matches dollar for dollar the current $50 billion yearly investment that China is making for low-carbon energy.  Industries that match 2:1 would be eligible. Perhaps, if enough of us bring this to the attention of the US Senators and Representatives, something might happen.


    Louis C Smith, PhD


    2339 South Blvd
    Houston, TX 77098

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