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  • kevin conlin
    Hi Ariel, I’ve been trying to remember where I read that, but I just can’t recall…..a quick look came up with this….. The population of SA in 2005 was
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      Hi Ariel, I’ve been trying to remember where I read that, but I just can’t recall…..a quick look came up with this…..


      The population of SA in 2005 was 385M, probably around 400M now and close to 500M by 2030.


      Large swaths of the Amazon basin are seeing less rainfall due to El Nino and deforestation. The Amazon River was recently at record lows, and tributaries are heavily polluted with agricultural runoff and destructive mining practices. Fish stocks in the rivers are declining in many areas.  Yet other parts of the Amazon basin experienced intense rainfall and widespread flooding.


      Warming rate  in the tropical Andes has tripled in the past 25 years, and Peru has seen its glacial retreat 7 fold between 1978 and 1995. Of 6 glaciers in Venezuela in 1972, only 2 remain, and are expected to also be gone in 10 years.


      Rapid glacial retreat is also being seen in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.  Patagonia is also seeing shrinking glaciers.


      Climate change has brought widespread flooding in some areas, and 30,000 people died from flooding and landslides in Caracas alone. Prolonged drought has increased wildfires, with 3.7M acres lost to a single conflagration in Argentina, yet Buenos Aires received 5X it’s record rainfall in one month.


      If these patterns persist for another 20 years, I don’t think it’s a stretch that 20% of the population would be affected.  If I remember correctly, Quito was expected to be one of the first major cities to face a water crisis.


      Sorry I can’t provide more detail, but we’re getting a little off topic anyway….


      Best Regards,  Kevin


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      Kevin wrote:

      "...because of disappearing glaciers, an estimated 100,000,000 people in South America may be forced to relocate in the next 20 years due to vanishing water supplies."

      I may be wrong, but I think that's probably a world-wide figure, rather than just South America.  The entire population of South America is, methinks, under 250 million, and I guess only 5-10 percent depend on glacier melt.
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