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Re: [hreg] Networked Solar Conference Interests & Opinions

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  • Oluwaseun Oyeniran
    Tyra, Thanks for your input! ... -- Oluwaseun (Seun) Oyeniran SOyeniran@gmail.com (504) 813-7862 http://soyeniran.tumblr.com/ Tyra, Thanks for your input! On
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      Thanks for your input!

      On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Tyra Rankin <tyra@...> wrote:



      It all depends on your interests.  New Jersey has some of the best solar policy in the country, second only to California – so lots of solar industry activity in NJ.   It’s the first event I’ve seen marrying Smart Grid and PV – that is novel and should offer new insights.   Greentech Media is an excellent org with cutting edge publications.  If it fits your interest – I’d say you won’t go wrong attending.




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      Is any one planning on attending this conference? http://www.greentechmedia.com/events/live/networked-solar/


      What are everyone's opinions on attending conferences as such?  Is it beneficial or just a money maker for the individuals who are hosting it?




      Oluwaseun (Seun) Oyeniran
      (504) 813-7862


      Oluwaseun (Seun) Oyeniran
      (504) 813-7862
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